Friday, August 22, 2014

And just like that, we have a Preschooler!

It's a big day around here...
We have a Preschooler!
Miss Tressie started Preschool at Kit Carson this morning.
Of course last weekend we had to adequately prepare for school, with a little shopping!
I had to keep reminding myself that my child is going to school ONE day a week, not five.
Because I could have easily bought a new wardrobe for five.

This week, T got the sweetest little handwritten introductory letter from her new teacher, Miss Lowe.
It's Miss Lowe's first year at Kit Carson and first teaching job.
I am super excited about her and think that she'll do a great job!

Tressie was super excited for her first day.
She's very excited to ride the bus too.
I was just going to throw her on the bus this morning, but Gaga said that I needed to take her on her first day : )
So when I told T that I was going to take her, she responded with, "I could just ride the bus."

And the bus, big news in the bus department.
In the past our route has been a Suburban, but they have enough kids on our route this year for a real, yellow (short!) school bus!!!

This morning on the drive to school, we overheard her talking to herself.
"Miss Lowe"
"Miss Lowe"
"YES! I've got it!"
A very important thing to know on your first day!

When we walked into the school and the hall was filled with High School kids and banging lockers, T got a little nervous, but by the time we left, she was in her element and doing just fine!

You know me, I had to make a little something for Miss Lowe.
John Wayne was embarrassed by this, like I was trying to win brownie points or something.
Really, not my intention, it's just who I am.
So I hope it's received well and not taken as a bribe! : )

Gaga picked the little lady up from school.
I can't wait to get home and hear all about it!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Our Trixie and Roxy Girls

Oh hey there!  It's me, you know the one who's going to blog consistently again...

This spring, we had two cow have twins and abandon one, within 24 hours of each other.
{For days, I was convinced that they were part of triplets...John Wayne and my Dad just looked at me like I was an idiot.}
That is how we got Trixie and Roxie.

Trixie and Roxy quickly became members, important members, of our little family.
We do absolutely love them both, but there's just something extra special about our little Trixie girl, she was HUNGRY and very eager for someone to bond with when John Wayne found her.

Tressie claimed Trixie.
And well, you know how this works, little brother got Roxy.

As the summer progressed, Trixie and Roxy turned into "show cattle."
We began prepping them for the county fair.
This project was loved equally by three of us.
And well, little brother, he'd participate occasionally, as often as his two-year-old attention span would allow.

Tressie on the other hand, complete natural.
And it made this Mama's heart burst to see her love something that was such a big part of my youth.


Bath time! 

Fair day finally got here!


Miss Tressie was pretty intense...and a little nervous : )

She totally rocked it in the show ring!
And well, GW and Roxy...they both cried.

I am SO proud of both my kiddos!
And my little Trixie and Roxy : )

Oh, and in case you're wondering, as far as I'm concerned, Trixie and Roxy can spend the rest of their days relaxing in the green grass, watching the kids play on their swing set!


We had family photos taken on the ranch this weekend.
I am thrilled that the talented Chelsea at Snap Happy Photos by Chelsea was able to capture this great image of T with Trixie and Roxy!