Friday, January 30, 2015

So much randomness!

These are the types of posts that happen when I haven't posted in several weeks.
I'm too lazy to post on the individual events like I had intended to, so they all get lumped together in a post that ends up being very random.

So first and most exciting for T and GW, Papa's goats have kidded!
My kiddos love to go play with the kid goats.
And they are pretty darn cute - the goat variety and the human variety.

Two, or was it three, I can't remember now, weeks ago, we had John Wayne's work retreat.
Fun times in the city at a hotel for a couple of nights.
We of course all had a blast!

Family date night, the night before the retreat started.

Donuts in bed, my kind of breakfast!

T and a couple of her sweet little friends!

That Monday while Daddy had meetings, me and the kiddos got to play.
We took a trip to the park, because we were having amazing January weather!
Let's see, what else is going on with us...
It's my busy season a work - trade show season.
I was away from home all week at the Colorado Farm Show.
My schedule is better this year, I just have a couple more busy weeks with shows and I think all of the rest are just going to be day trips this year.
I just finished reading {mixed with listening to, while I was on the road this week} Unbroken
Wow, wow, wow.  Usually not really my type of read.
I usually read simple stuff, not stuff that really GETS to you.
But I am so glad I read this book.
Now I want to see the movie, but I don't know if I can handle the movie.
Have you seen it yet, how is it?
Speaking of movies, my friend and I went to see American Sniper this week while we were on the road at the trade show.
Another amazing story.
War stories are not usually my thing at all, but seriously if you have any recommendations for stories as amazing as these two, let me know, because now I want to read another history or war book.
In other news, I said I wasn't going to, but I of course caved and ordered the 3D mascara.
I secretly cannot wait for it to get here.
I'm busy planning a unicorn/rainbow birthday party, actually two parties this year.
We are having a family party AND a friend party this year.
Turning 5 is a very big deal you know.
Our weekend plans don't consist of much.
A junior high basketball tournament to watch our niece and nephews.
Annie is playing in Limon, so if time allows, I'd love to bring T up to see it.
But I just realized that that would probably be Sunday night...the Super Bowl is on Sunday night.
I don't really care, at all, about the Super Bowl this year.
I can't find good reason to cheer for either team.
OK, I warned you that this post was random.
We'll try to post a little more regularly and keep it a little less random.
Have a great weekend, friends! 

Monday, January 12, 2015

What We've Been Up To

So, here we are, the second full week of the new year.
Last Monday I made this list of goals.
I did pretty good.
Towards the end of the week GW got sick and then the goals were kinda forgotten, but we'll try again this week.

I did make an online purchase, like two hours after I made this list last Monday.
The kiddos needed new rubber boots to visit the goat barn with Papa.
So, I considered it necessity and let it slide.

I mentioned that GW was sick.
He had been coughing all week and it progressively got worse instead of better.
So middle of the night on Thursday night when we were up with our barking son, John Wayne and I made the decision it was to the doctor the next day.

So here he is in the waiting room.
He may not have been feeling the best, but he was still sporting his Bronco gear for Bronco Friday.
All of us Bronco fans were not feeling the best after yesterday's game.

And he for sure wasn't too sick to sport the army helmet and play with the dinosaurs while we waited for the doc.
A couple days into his antibiotic and he seems to be doing better.

Saturday evening we went to a wedding reception.
Miss Maddie was there.
The kids were excited to hang out with her.

The kids both had so much fun dancing.
This pic during the father/daughter dance just melts my heart!

Then Sunday morning it was game day prep.
Gaga provided us with these fun blue and orange cake mixes.
It's a good thing we used them this week and didn't save them for the Super Bowl or anything.
Ugh, disappointing.

Here's to a great week my friends!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Christmas 2014

Welcome to Christmas 2014: Blog {Quick!} Version
Christmas Eve Evening: 
We hosted the Goldings at our house.
We enjoyed a yummy dinner and good time together.
Gunner threw up in the middle of everyone.
Everyone went home. 
Christmas Eve Night:
The kids opened their traditional one present from us: pajamas, books and ornaments.
They picked out their cookies for Santa, a carrot for each reindeer and chocolate milk.
After the kids were fast asleep, Santa came!!!
Christmas Morning:
Santa delivered the littles their requests.
The whole Merida get-up for T and cows, candy and a new horse for Gug.

Gug threw up again.
So this was what our Christmas was going to look out.
Then our wonderful family called, begged {they didn't have to beg hard, as I was so sad that we were going to be spending Christmas at home} and swore they didn't care if Gug got them all sick.

Christmas Lunch:
Fun-filled family lunch and gifts with this group.
And no more puking!

Christmas Dinner:
A great evening at Grandpa and Grandma Chisman's.
And no more puking!

Day after Christmas:
A laid back celebration with Gaga and Papa, opening presents and best of all, having time to play with them!

And then fast forward a week {because I don't feel like doing a separate post} New Year's Eve:
When we were all at home puking!

Minus the puking, our holidays were wonderful this year!

2015 Word of the Year

Yes, you read that right..."me."
And before you start judging me, I mean this in the most un-self-centered way.
More on "me" in a minute...

Last year, my word was "simplify" and really, "me" is just another way of going about "simplify."
So how did the whole simplify thing work out?
Did my life change drastically?
But did I think about this word often and did it play into decisions I made?

One of the biggest being that I set aside my little Wild Pony "business" for a while.
Wild Pony was going good, I had more orders than I could keep up with and there in lies the problem. 
I had more orders than I could keep up with.
I have missed Wild Pony at times, but I haven't missed the feeling that I always need to be in the sewing room.

Other very little simple things were done.
Simple decisions like taking something from the bakery instead of making something homemade; buying a cute gift, handmade by someone else, for a baby gift.

I had convinced myself that people expected all of these things from me, when really, I don't even think they noticed. 
I was trying to be superwoman for no one other than myself.

So...back to "me."
What do I mean when I say that "me" is my word for 2015?
Well, I mean it in the most unselfish way.
I mean that I want to take a few minutes for me each day so that I can be the best me to take care of those that I love the best that I can.

When I say I want to take care of me, the one thing that is at the top of my mind:  I want to wash my face and brush my teeth every single night before I go to bed.
You just said to yourself, um well Emily, shouldn't you be doing this already.
Yes, yes I should.
But I don't.
By the time we get the kids to sleep, usually I'm exhausted and I just fall into bed without doing either.
Gross, I know.
{Totally gross.  Can we still be friends?}

So last night as I was telling Justin that this was one of my things, next thing I know, T is wiping my face down with a baby wipe.
"Just helping out, Mom."
Thanks, but not exactly what I had in mind.
So from now on, early on in the evening, I wash my face and brush my teeth.

Other things of course include eating better, drinking more water, exercising more...all of those things that help ME feel better...and in return be a better wife, mama, daughter, friend, co-worker.

But at the top of the list of becoming a better me, is He.
So, that leads me to my verse of the year:
"He must become greater; I must become less."  John 3:30
Needs no explanation, does it.

With that verse at top of mind heart, 2015 is going to be spectacular!