Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Little Lady Turns Two!

Our sweet Tressie Laine turned two on March 1st.

We celebrated this weekend with a pink zebra themed party.

She's so sweet, her latest is putting her arms around both of us : )

The birthday girl with Grandpa and Grandma.

All of Mama and Grandma's hard work.
My Mom did all of the baking and I did the decorating.

Yummy pink punch: sprite, pink lemonade and raspberry sherbet.

Grandma made lots of yummy sweet treats and we also bought pink snowballs and zebra cakes.

Decorations included lots of pictures from 12-24 months.

We also had sandwiches and other snacks complete with fruit kabobs and veggie cups.

The Little Lady was ready to party!

Time to open presents! 

Her favorite present was for sure her trike from Grandpa and Grandma. 
She sees it for the first time... 
Oh my goodness... 
She LOVES it!!! 

She insisted that she not have to get off her trike for us to sing Happy Birthday to her. Daddy had to keep her candles at a distance because someone was anxious to blow them out. 

But someone has enough hot air that she still blew them out before the end of the song!

We had pink zebra lollipops as party favors. 
"Thanks a 'lollipop' for coming to my party." 

It was a great day. The Little Lady had so much fun celebrating with all of our friends and family who came to share the day with us!