Friday, September 28, 2012

The Room

We do have three bedrooms here in the trailerhood, but I really didn't want to give up my office/craft, the kiddos get to share a room. It should only be for about a year, until we get our house built. So we'll try it and if it absolutely doesn't work out, we'll deal with that then.

Here's a look at what the Little Lady's room looked liked before we made it a room for two. And even before that, here's a look at the original nursery in our house in the big city.

We bought the Little Lady's toddler bed and transitioned her to it early this summer.  She was a rock star, it was a pretty painless transition.

{Side note...we've gotten a new cordless blind since I've taken these pictures...we NEVER left this blind down.}

The addition of this organizer/bins in the closet really helped solve the storage issue.  So far, I haven't felt short on space at all.


I also added a couple more baskets to the changing table.  They actually are pretty empty at this point, room to grow!

Here's a closer look at the vintage cowboy materials used.  My Grandma and I made everything for the Little Lady's original nursery.  We had made several quilts and lots of decorative pillows, so there was plenty for both the Little Lady's bed and the Little Buckaroo's crib.

I wanted the Little Lady's nursery to be unique and so I went with my favorite colors of red and turquoise.  They've worked out wonderfully for adding a little brother!

John Wayne spent countless hours sanding and painting this rocking chair and dresser for the Little Lady's room. They were both mine when I was little. 

I hope the Little Buckaroo doesn't mind having pictures of rodeo queens in his room : )
A couple of years ago, one of our close friends was Girl of the West, so we have autographed pictures of her, Miss Rodeo America and Miss Rodeo Colorado that the Little Lady got from them when she met them all at a rodeo.

I have darling bumper pads that my Grandma made and I used with the Little Lady until she started using them to try and climb out, then I switched to these simple breathable ones.  So far, I've been too lazy to get the matching ones back out and have just left these on there.


I'm really happy with how their room came together.  One of my favorite new additions are the name decals that I got off of Etsy.

Room ready...just add baby!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Big Sister Kit

I put together this special "Big Sister Kit" to take to the hospital to give to the Little Lady when Grandpa and Grandma bring her to visit.

I think the coolest thing in the bag is her very own real digital camera. She loves to imitate me and take pictures, this way she can take pictures of her little brother {or whatever else} until her heart's content.

{Note to self: stock up on batteries!}

Of course a big sister t-shirt and hair bow. She has another big sister shirt that I've already sent to Grandma's house for her to wear to the hospital.

Some activities to keep her busy: Princess coloring pages, a Dora big sister book and a Nick Jr. dance DVD.

Some new onesies for Bitty Baby. I also bought her the Bitty Baby travel seat, but I'm not going to drag that to the hospital with us.   {Yes, I realize that probably means that we'll be lugging not one, but two infant car seats with us everywhere we go.}

And finally, a few of her favorite snacks.

Just a few things to help the Little Lady feel extra special!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What's in the bag...

The bag is packed and ready to go.
 So what's in it...


A gown, robe and slippers for after I deliver
I can't think of much worse than people coming to visit and still being in a lovely hospital gown.

Like the robe?!?
The Little Lady actually picked it out for me at Target.


Non-slip socks
This is one of those things all of the "lists" tell you to pack.
I didn't use them at all with the Little Lady {these are actually the same ones I took} but I figure if I have a slow labor this time and have to walk the halls, they might be nice.

Camera, phone, charger and iPad
Some of the most important stuff in my book...can help me get through the early hours of labor and will be essential after labor to introduce our Little Buckaroo to the world.

A nursing sports bra and "Granny" panties
Honestly, I'll wear the lovely disposable mesh underwear in the hospital, but I might want these for the ride home.  Last time I packed a bag of the most ginormous pads I could find, but I'm leaving those at home this time, the hospital had everything I needed.

A tooth brush and tooth paste for both me and John Wayne, facial cleansing cloths, hair essentials, a few washcloths, a back massager and a bag with lotion, deodorant, shampoo, etc.

I wanted a better head band, but didn't want to spend a ton of money on one, since I've snapped these pictures, I have picked up a strip of turquoise knit material at Joanne's to use as a headband.

With the Little Lady, I was up at 6 o'clock the next morning putting on my make-up because I knew I'd have a ton of visitors and be taking a ton of pictures.  I have a bag of make-up in my purse with the essentials that I'll need to get me through.

Baby Book
To capture those adorable first little foot prints.

I haven't done so hot at keeping the Little Lady's book up-to-date, so I debated even ordering the Little Buckaroo one.  I decided that he was entitled to a book with the first five pages filled out just like his big sister, so I ordered him the exact same book as her {hers is obviously the pink version}.

An outfit for the Little Buckaroo
Confession...I also have the diaper bag stuffed full with a couple of other outfits.  We can leave it in the Suburban though until things slow down, but atleast I'll have one outfit for him when I want it.


A going home outfit for me
Just some yoga pants and a t-shirt.  Some lists advise to just wear home what you wear to the thought...what if your water breaks on the way to the hospital?!?

Mostly for John Wayne, but I was one hungry lady after I delivered the Little Lady, so I may be glad we have them too.

I've thrown a few other things in since I took these pictures...a change of clothes for John Wayne, some nursing pads and another nursing bra and a few other random things.

I plan on throwing the Boppy nursing pillow in the Suburban in case I want it. What about my pump...should I take it or use the hospitals? I've read that I should take mine, but I kinda don't see the point of dragging one more thing when I could just use theirs if I need it???

Anything else that I'm forgetting ladies???

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What's your name?

Those of you that know us, know that John Wayne and I aren’t ones to keep our baby name a secret. Pretty much from the time we knew she was a girl, we called the Little Lady, Tressie. It really hasn’t been any different this time around. Gunner was our boy name the first time I was pregnant and so when we began talking baby names this time, we easily agreed that Gunner was still our boy name. And so when we found out that Baby Golding the second was a boy, we began calling him Gunner.

{I’ve only had one moment of reservation – after we had ordered and put up the name art in the nursery. We also really like the name Augustus – Gus and for like 48 hours I thought maybe I liked it better.}

The one thing that is a little different this time around is the middle name. With the Little Lady, we said we didn’t know for sure what her middle name was {we even let all of you blog friends vote on it}, but I think we both pretty much knew. This time, we don’t. There’s even some disagreement.

John Wayne’s number one choice is William. Gunner William. It’s nice, I don’t dislike it, but it’s a little boring for me. He likes it because he wants to call him GW {like as in George Washington McLintock}.  Really.

My number one choice is Hammer. Gunner Hammer. Yes I agree, it doesn’t just roll off the tongue and I’m usually totally against a first name and middle name that end the same (er), but there are exceptions here. It’s about legacy – I’m an only child – I’m a girl – so Hammer it should be. {Hammer is my maiden name for those of you that are totally lost right now.} I would possibly settle for Gunner H.

So just like last time, let us know what you think by voting on the poll to the right.
Will it be William or Hammer?
Or will we come up with something totally different in the next few weeks?!?

Oh and just in case you’re curious {because I know I would be}, if Gunner would have been a girl, the name was Tinsley.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Phone Photo Fun - Baby Week!

In honor of finally feeling like I'm in the home stretch and because I've been such a lousy blogger's Baby Week on the Trailerhood Aristocrats!  Each day this week, I'll have a baby related post.

Tomorrow, we'll talk baby names.
And I'll even give you a chance to add your two sense.

Wednesday, we'll take a look at the things that I think are important to take to the hospital with me.

Thursday, I'll show you the "Big Sister Kit" that I made for the Little Lady.

And Friday, I'll show you how we turned the Little Lady's room into a room for her AND her little brother.

I hope you'll stop by the blog every day this week to enjoy the Baby Week fun! 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Best Friends

Last night the Little Lady was being especially sweet.

Love this little conversation...

Me: Are we best friends? Let's be best friends.
John Wayne: Who's your best friend?
Tressie: Gunner! {as she points to my tummy}


Completely sweet right?!?

Ask again in a month...

Monday, September 10, 2012

Phone Photo Fun - Broncos Edition

Good Monday Morning! Just a few quick pictures for you this Monday morning to celebrate the beginning of football season. We've been anxiously awaiting the Broncos first game.

We made "Orange Crush" cupcakes with blue frosting for the game.

The Little Lady sporting her Manning t-shirt that Grandma and Grandpa got her.

Watching the game...

A Broncos victory is a great way to start the week off!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Kit Carson Day 2012

Saturday, Labor Day Weekend = Kit Carson Day

The Little Lady all ready to head to town for Kit Carson Day.


Aunt Katie came out and went with us.
Not only was it fun to spend the day with her, she chased the Little Lady all day so that I didn't have to!


You can enter things {quilts, photography, produce, etc.} to be judged {like at a fair}.
Here is some of my Grandpa's prize winning produce.
Only one blue ribbon is given in each category {so like the equivalent of grand champion}.
Good work Grandpa!

It wouldn't be Kit Carson Day without the parade.
Katie and I rode along with my Dad and threw candy to the kiddos.
The Little Lady opted to watch the parade with Grandma so she could pick up candy.


Then it was time for the kid's races.
The Little Lady had a blast!

Aunt Katie helped her in the sack race.


The Little Lady and her buddy ready for the three-legged-race.
I figured this would be a disaster, but they actually led for over half the race and I thought they just might win...until they fell down!


It was a fun day and a good way to end the summer.
And not to be forgotten, we got to watch the RAMS BEAT THE BUFFS when we got home!