Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What's in the bag...

The bag is packed and ready to go.
 So what's in it...


A gown, robe and slippers for after I deliver
I can't think of much worse than people coming to visit and still being in a lovely hospital gown.

Like the robe?!?
The Little Lady actually picked it out for me at Target.


Non-slip socks
This is one of those things all of the "lists" tell you to pack.
I didn't use them at all with the Little Lady {these are actually the same ones I took} but I figure if I have a slow labor this time and have to walk the halls, they might be nice.

Camera, phone, charger and iPad
Some of the most important stuff in my book...can help me get through the early hours of labor and will be essential after labor to introduce our Little Buckaroo to the world.

A nursing sports bra and "Granny" panties
Honestly, I'll wear the lovely disposable mesh underwear in the hospital, but I might want these for the ride home.  Last time I packed a bag of the most ginormous pads I could find, but I'm leaving those at home this time, the hospital had everything I needed.

A tooth brush and tooth paste for both me and John Wayne, facial cleansing cloths, hair essentials, a few washcloths, a back massager and a bag with lotion, deodorant, shampoo, etc.

I wanted a better head band, but didn't want to spend a ton of money on one, since I've snapped these pictures, I have picked up a strip of turquoise knit material at Joanne's to use as a headband.

With the Little Lady, I was up at 6 o'clock the next morning putting on my make-up because I knew I'd have a ton of visitors and be taking a ton of pictures.  I have a bag of make-up in my purse with the essentials that I'll need to get me through.

Baby Book
To capture those adorable first little foot prints.

I haven't done so hot at keeping the Little Lady's book up-to-date, so I debated even ordering the Little Buckaroo one.  I decided that he was entitled to a book with the first five pages filled out just like his big sister, so I ordered him the exact same book as her {hers is obviously the pink version}.

An outfit for the Little Buckaroo
Confession...I also have the diaper bag stuffed full with a couple of other outfits.  We can leave it in the Suburban though until things slow down, but atleast I'll have one outfit for him when I want it.


A going home outfit for me
Just some yoga pants and a t-shirt.  Some lists advise to just wear home what you wear to the thought...what if your water breaks on the way to the hospital?!?

Mostly for John Wayne, but I was one hungry lady after I delivered the Little Lady, so I may be glad we have them too.

I've thrown a few other things in since I took these pictures...a change of clothes for John Wayne, some nursing pads and another nursing bra and a few other random things.

I plan on throwing the Boppy nursing pillow in the Suburban in case I want it. What about my pump...should I take it or use the hospitals? I've read that I should take mine, but I kinda don't see the point of dragging one more thing when I could just use theirs if I need it???

Anything else that I'm forgetting ladies???


Jennifer said...

Your own pillow!! And call me crazy, but I took my own towel. I get grossed out at the thought of hospital/hotel towels.
When is your due date? My sil is due on the 18th!

Nicole said...

Good Luck!

Rachel said...

I'm with Jenn, your own pillow and own towel. I like my stuff! And I get grossed out by the hospitals filth. It's always nice being your own gown, too! Sounds like you have a good bag packed!
I wanna know the due date, too?