Thursday, September 27, 2012

Big Sister Kit

I put together this special "Big Sister Kit" to take to the hospital to give to the Little Lady when Grandpa and Grandma bring her to visit.

I think the coolest thing in the bag is her very own real digital camera. She loves to imitate me and take pictures, this way she can take pictures of her little brother {or whatever else} until her heart's content.

{Note to self: stock up on batteries!}

Of course a big sister t-shirt and hair bow. She has another big sister shirt that I've already sent to Grandma's house for her to wear to the hospital.

Some activities to keep her busy: Princess coloring pages, a Dora big sister book and a Nick Jr. dance DVD.

Some new onesies for Bitty Baby. I also bought her the Bitty Baby travel seat, but I'm not going to drag that to the hospital with us.   {Yes, I realize that probably means that we'll be lugging not one, but two infant car seats with us everywhere we go.}

And finally, a few of her favorite snacks.

Just a few things to help the Little Lady feel extra special!


Rachel said...

How cute, her own camera!?

Well, I have no idea on any of this, being we've never done this for the boys. Someone always brings them something though, so they get some kind of goodies out of it eventually, just not from us. But, they are always tickled to have a new babe!

She'll love all this though, sounds fun!

Mark said...

Cute idea! It will be nice for her to have some things to do at the hospital. I love that Bitty Baby gets some new things too! She will love imitating you with her baby. Jayden is almost 6 and Bitty goes many places with us, and its okay with me! : )

Robben George said...

Are those Veggie Tales snacks??? Where did you get them?

Kelly said...

I am basically going to copy most everything you posted for C's big brother bag!!! This is great and that camera is such a smart idea!!! Also- the other post about what you packed for yourself was super helpful. It's amazing what you forget three years later ;)

Nicole said...

I think your daughter will feel extra special. I'm sure she will love her camera, especially since she loves to mimic you. Congrats!

Jennifer said...

What a cool idea!

Marla said...

Love this idea! How fun and sweet!

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Anonymous said...

Hello, I absolutely love this kit you put together. I would love to know where you brought this pink tote bag from??!! I love it and have searched online and haven't found one like it yet.

Anonymous said...

It's the mini organizer tote from Thirty-One. I believe it's been discontinued, but I have seen some on ebay.

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