Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Little Buckaroo {{11-months-old}}

I know I'm his Mama, but look at that cuteness.


The Little Buckaroo is doing great.


Ornery.  Ornery.  Ornery.
The orneriness is really starting to shine.
We've been on top of counters this month, crawled out the door, about fell on his head out of the shopping cart...and these are just the highlights.

He's still a super happy little guy.
But...he has a temper.
Like, throw yourself on the ground and kick your legs, sort of temper.


He had a little bout where we ended up at the pediatricians office one weekend.
We thought it was salmonella, but all the tests came back negative.
After some trial and error at home, I've come to the determination that he might have a little bit of a milk allergy???
He seems to be just fine on the soy formula.
So we'll see what Dr. Hoover has to say when we go see him next month.


Oh my goodness, this boy finally loves food.
The other night, we were having steak and I literally could not cut it fast enough to keep him happy.

He almost has four teeth.
The top two are broke through, but not quite all the way in yet.

And the biggest news...I guess we could go ahead and classify him as a walker.
This weekend, he started taking three and four steps at a time.
The other day, after he had taken two steps the night before, T told Gaga, "Gunner walked two miles last night."

Speaking of big sister, double trouble these two are.
Their Dad and I don't stand a chance!

He's telling you how old he's going to be next month...one.
His Dad and big sister have been working on that with him.

We're busy around here getting ready for a big birthday bash!!!