Thursday, March 31, 2011

Goals Update

In January, I told you my goals for 2011 with the promise to update you on my progress each month. Here’s how I did in March and my specific goals for April.

Drink more water.
I’m still doing pretty good here. I just have to make a conscious effort each day to drink water. If I don’t make myself drink it, I won’t.

Stick to a budget.
I am still putting my allotted amount away each month! But…good old Uncle Sam is going to dip into my stash this month and throw my “plan” off track. I’m determined to find a way to stash away even more every month to make this difference up by the end of the year so I still meet my goal amount.

Read atleast one book each month.
Seriously, I should just delete this one. I do have a trip for work this month, maybe I’ll get a book in on the flight. Highly unlikely though, sleep will probably take precedence.

Keep my pictures organized.
I have started the task of organizing my mess of pictures and I am not gonna lie…I am simply overwhelmed!!! I think I mentioned that I have pictures saved in every photo program known to man, well, did I mention that I also have pictures saved on my netbook, Justin’s laptop and our desktop?!? What a mess…how did I manage to do this!

Start sewing again.
So I did sew that crepe paper we talked about last month, but that’s all the action my sewing machine saw this month. The good news is that little crepe paper project was a good refresher. It had been so long since I had used my machine, it seriously took me some time to remember how to thread the bobbin and such. We all know that Mother’s Day is next month, so I better be getting that bag done. (My Mom is going to be so surprised when she opens her present. Sorry Mom!)

This month I have had great weeks where I exercised every day and bad weeks were I exercised one day. I’m setting my April standard high…six, yes six, days a week. NO excuses. It doesn’t matter that the Little Lady for some reason feels the need to get me up at 3AM most nights recently, if I hit the snooze button in the morning, I will have to workout at night…which I hate!

The “d” word.”
OK, so in March I haven’t gained weight, I haven’t lost weight, I’ve just maintained. Well folks, spring is here and summer is right on its heels, and if I don’t do something drastic, I will still be wearing this winter coat that I’ve put on. So yes, in April I will suck it up and officially DIET…not just “watch what I eat.” Hard core, this sucks, I want a brownie, dieting.

Wish me luck, I’m going to need it!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Gobble Gobble

Tonight when we stopped at Wild Horse to get our mail, we weren't the only ones in town.

There were 17 girls (hens???) and 2 boys (Toms???).

I tried to get John Wayne to jump out and run through them. I thought a video of that would have made for a much more entertaining post, but he wouldn't. No fun, right?!?

OK, that's all I have.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Sunday afternoon project

Today was cold and foggy, pretty much a good day to stay inside. This afternoon I decided to breakout some of the beads I loaded up my cart with last time I was at Hobby Lobby.

I'm pretty pleased with the results!

Love the "crystal" with the turquoise and red, so fun!

But probably my favorite part is this clasp!

This is just a fun little hobby for me, I'll have fun making myself and the Little Lady unique pieces, but if you're looking to buy, my Bestie's in business...check out her stuff.


The Little Lady walks!

As strong as the Little Lady is and as early as she did everything else, we all swore she'd be walking by 9-months. Well, she had other plans and we all know that things happen on this stubborn little gals terms, and only her terms.

We all tried to help her walk, holding her hands, trying to help her. She hated this. We'd grab her hands and her legs would instantly turn to noodles and she'd fall down. This was the case up until Tuesday of this week. Wednesday, she decided she'd walk. Wednesday night she was taking four and five steps. Thursday night she was walking across the room.

Last night we had Grandpa and Grandma over for dinner, after dinner with a captive audience, she was walking all over, changing directions, standing up in the middle of the floor after she'd fallen down, climbing onto the couch just so she could bail off and do it all over again.

Here are a few shots of her walking this morning.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Monday, March 21, 2011


How is your bracket holding up after the first weekend of March Madness?!?

There were some crazy upsets, but I guess that’s why we call it March “Madness!”

Forty-eight games have been played and the field of 64 has been cut to 16. (Yes, I’m old school, I guess technically, 50 games have been played and the field of 68 has been cut.) How many teams do you have left? I have nine in the Sweet Sixteen.

I’m holding steady in 3rd place out of 42 brackets in the Farm Credit pool.

Is it Thursday yet?!?! I’m ready for some more basketball!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

St. Patty's Day Volleyball Tournament

This weekend I dug my Mizunos out of the bottom of my closet and did something I hadn't done for nearly two years...played volleyball.

Volleyball is by far my favorite sport to play and before I had the Little Lady and we moved, I played at least once a week, but like I said, it had been close to two years. Friday night when my bestie Katie and I arrived at Big House, the butterflies were swarming, but I am happy to report that I was not nearly as rusty as I thought I would be.

The St. Patty's Day Tourney is my favorite tournament of the year. Everyone goes all out in the green attire. Kate and I got tatt'd up for the occasion!

Saturday afternoon, our fan club showed up.

"Mama and Auntie Katie and the Sham-Rockers are #1!"

Well, thanks T, glad we are in your book!
We didn't end up #1, but we didn't have a bad showing at all and most of was a blast!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cookie Monster

One of our favorite girls, Sara Dutton, made T this absolutely adorable Cookie Monster cupcake.

Have you ever seen anything so cute?!?

T thoroughly enjoyed it!

Thanks SD!!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Good Day

When Daddy and Grandpa got home from moving some heifers, I got to hang out with them for awhile.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Two years ago I won the Farm Credit college basketball pool.
I then declared myself a bracketologist.

Saturdays at our house you will often find our TV tuned into college basketball and occasionally I’ll catch something they’re saying on Sports Center when John Wayne has it on, but I do not research stats, study teams or look at predictive indexes.

This probably means I’m not really a bracketologist.
This probably means I won out of pure dumb luck.
But, I prefer to keep calling myself a bracketologist.

Do you love March Madness as much as I do?!?
{When I got pregnant and began looking at the calendar, one of the things I was most thrilled about with my due date was that I’d be home for all of March Madness!}

I’m looking forward to Selection Sunday and then the process of filling out my bracket, but most of all I’m looking forward to tip-off next Thursday! I think I feel a cold coming on… : )

Good luck to all of you bracketologists out there!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"I do!"

T’s favorite thing to say is “I did it!”

Tressie, how old are you? “I did it!”
Tressie, are you hungry? “I did it!”
Tressie, are you silly? “I did it!”

She’s recently added “I do” to the top of her list as well.

On Friday afternoon Grandma and I were busy baking and decorating for the big birthday party. Grandpa came in for lunch. The Little Lady was in something she shouldn’t have been.

Grandpa: “Tress, I don’t think you need that.”
Tressie: “I DO!” {yells the naughty one-year-old with attitude}

Oh my goodness…parenting advice is now being accepted : )

Monday, March 7, 2011

Tressie and Kaleb

Without ANY encouragement or prompting at all, when her birthday party was wrapping up, T laid a big wet one on Kaleb. No kidding.

I missed it the first time {like I said, it was without prompting and encouragement, totally unexpected}, but here she is going in for smooch number two.

"Auntie Jos, am I in trouble for smooching your little man?!?"

Ahhhh...young love.

{It's important to note, the rest of us beg T for kisses to no avail!}

Presents and Cake!

There were just a few presents :)

The Little Lady enjoyed unwrapping her presents...

But most of all, she was into her cards! I had to continually take her cards away from her to get her to open the present that came with them.

Here, cousin Lindsay helps her with one of her cards.

T's fabulous new pink leopard print kicks from Grandpa and Grandma.
{Watch out Mama and Auntie Katie, my boot collection is growing at an even faster rate than yours!}

Sporting her new hat from Kendra and Matt.

Admiring her new jewelry box {with her name on it!} from Auntie Katie and Uncle Willy, but most of all loving her new turquoise jewelry that Auntie Katie designed for her.

And there was of course cake!

She didn't dig in quite as much as she did on her birthday night, but she still enjoyed it quite a bit!

And now for her favorite cream!!!

A big thank you to all of our friends and family who helped us celebrate Tressie's birthday!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Big Birthday Party

Yesterday was the Little Lady's big 1st birthday party!

Remember the ruffled crepe paper?!?
I think it looked pretty darn fabulous!

For all of the party details and more pictures, visit the Little Lady's blog.

Monster Bash!

Yesterday was the Little Lady's "Monster Bash" 1st Birthday Party!

I've been in full party planning mode for the past month and with some help from Heather at Chickabug {she designed all of the great "Monster Bash" decorations you'll see}, I think the party turned out just perfect.

Mama, Daddy and the Little Lady ready to party!

The ruffled crepe paper might have been some work, but I think it turned out perfect! {You can read about my ruffled crepe paper project here.}

I have seen these great tissue paper pom-poms on several blogs. I enlisted my friend Martha for a little how-to.

{I was so proud of my "cheap" decorations...I don't think you can get much cheaper than tissue paper and crepe paper. With a little time and creativity, you can turn cheap into fabulous!}

A banner showing how the Little Lady has grown over the past 12-months.

Grandma made homemade caramel corn (yum!) and we added M&M's for "Tressie's Monster Mix" party favors.

Adorable personalized water bottle labels...

LOVE the "Birthday Facts"!

The sweet spread. {We also had sandwiches, veggies and chips for our guests.}

Mama and Grandma made a few {bazillion} cupcakes...chocolate and rainbow chip, with LOTS of sparkles on top!

Don't you love the cupcake wrappers and toppers from Chickabug!

{I couldn't believe myself, I am usually one of the most organized, plan-ahead people on earth, however, I was literally hot gluing cupcake toppers together as I was sticking them on the cupcakes yesterday. Ahhh, life with a 1-year-old!}

Mama and Grandma also dipped pretzel sticks...

...and marshmallows, in white chocolate!

And finally the cakes...

T's smash cake!

The Little Lady ready to party {notice her very special birthday necklaces and bracelets}!

More pictures of the Little Lady opening presents and enjoying cake coming soon!