Monday, March 7, 2011

Presents and Cake!

There were just a few presents :)

The Little Lady enjoyed unwrapping her presents...

But most of all, she was into her cards! I had to continually take her cards away from her to get her to open the present that came with them.

Here, cousin Lindsay helps her with one of her cards.

T's fabulous new pink leopard print kicks from Grandpa and Grandma.
{Watch out Mama and Auntie Katie, my boot collection is growing at an even faster rate than yours!}

Sporting her new hat from Kendra and Matt.

Admiring her new jewelry box {with her name on it!} from Auntie Katie and Uncle Willy, but most of all loving her new turquoise jewelry that Auntie Katie designed for her.

And there was of course cake!

She didn't dig in quite as much as she did on her birthday night, but she still enjoyed it quite a bit!

And now for her favorite cream!!!

A big thank you to all of our friends and family who helped us celebrate Tressie's birthday!

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