Friday, November 30, 2012


Here are some phone pics from our last week and a half.

We went to visit John Wayne's Grandma the week of Thanksgiving. Gigi enjoyed holding the Little Buckaroo and watching the Little Lady play.

The Little Lady had so much fun painting these turkeys for everyone.

I love their cute little turkey outfits : )

I ordered this bib for the Little Buckaroo and then I was looking back through pictures the other day and realized that we already have one somewhere...I have a pic of the Little Lady wearing one her first Thanksgiving.

The Little Lady loves to have her nails painted.
There's just something undeniably cute about little pink nails : )

Since there hasn't been one for awhile...a Poncho picture. He's ready for winter, he's got his winter belly and hair.

At 6.5 weeks, the Little Buckaroo decided it was time to roll over and sleep through the night. {No, he's not sleeping through the night consistently yet, in case you were incredibly envious for a moment.}

Just because this pic is too cute not to share.

The Little Buckaroo loves being in his swing.
Although his sister is pretty sure it's still hers.

This year's Christmas card display...thanks Pinterest!
I LOVE Christmas cards and can't wait to send ours and for cards to start filling our mailbox.

And finally, my Mom and I took the kiddos to see Santa yesterday.

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life rearranged


All I want for Christmas...

My Mom and I took the kids to see Santa yesterday.

The past two years the Little Lady has been scared of Santa, so we had really been talking it up to her and she was really excited to "see Santa!"

When we got to the mall, as I expected, she got really nervous. I didn't even think we were going to be able to get our crying and screaming picture like we had the past two years, I didn't think she was going to go anywhere near him. After some convincing and Santa holding her little brother, she decided she would atleast go stand next to him.

Once we got her up there, she was pretty chatty. {This is the most wonderful Santa ever. He was there last year and I really hope that he doesn't "retire" before my kids are done visiting Santa.} The Little Lady told Santa that her and her little brother both want books. In particular the Little Lady wants a "Manny book" {Handy Manny}. Not sure where/why she came up with that, but I checked Amazon and Santa can handle that request : )

She had to call Papa right after and tell him all about Santa and that he gave her a coloring book, crayons and a sucker. Seeing Santa has been all she's talked about since. I made the comment to her that "Santa sure was a nice guy," so she's been going around saying "Santa, nice guy!"

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Well, seeing how Thanksgiving was almost a week ago and the Christmas decorations are now up, I guess I should finally get around to sharing a few photos from our Thanksgiving.
We had a great Thanksgiving.  It was really low key compared to our usual hectic, going from house-to-house, holiday schedule.  We spent the whole day at my Mom and Dad's house.  It was the first year for my Mom to host Thanksgiving in her new house and everything was wonderful. 
It was a smaller crowd than we sometimes have, but we had a great time.  We enjoyed a fabulous feast and then enjoyed relaxing, watching football and playing games.
A few pictures of my Thanksgiving cuties in their turkey outfits : )

Our new Thanksgiving tradition...having the kids write down what they are thankful for on this tablecloth.  I look forward to having this tablecloth in 18 years filled with many wonderful memories.
My sweet little family.  I'm so thankful for these three!

 I hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
{{Side note...Black Friday 2012...If you're a regular around here, you know that I love Black Friday shopping.  You can read about Black Friday here, here, here and here.  But this year, I made what I consider to be the wise and responsible : ) decision, to skip it...something about a crazy 2 1/2 year old.  Anyways, having Black Friday withdrawals, I decided that me and the Little Lady would do Black Friday from our couch.  So Thursday night we stayed up, drank coffee {me, not her!} and shopped away online.  It was an acceptable substitute for this year, but next year, we'll be back at the real thing!}}

Friday, November 23, 2012

Smile : )

A couple of weeks ago we had our family pictures, along with some newborn pics of the Little Buckaroo, taken. 
If you know me, you know that I stress over getting good family pictures, but this year I really had to tell myself that I needed to be happy with whatever we got, because with a 2 1/2-year-old and a 2-week-old, let's be realistic, it's really out of your hands. 
But, I'm thrilled because we got a ton of great shots!  Here are a few of my favorites.
That bright orange box from Shutterfly should be making it's way to us any day now.  I'm so excited to see our Christmas cards!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What Tressie's Thankful For

I was trying to explain "thankfulness" to Tressie.

I then asked her what she was thankful for.

"Papa...and my house...Papa...Gunner...Papa."

Not hard to tell who the Little Lady's favorite person is!


Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Few Phone Photos

Goodness...I am behind in the blogging world!
Here are a few phone pictures to catch you up on a little of what we've been up to.

It seems like Grandma, the kids and I have been making a weekly trip to the big city lately, mostly for doctor's appointments.  Gunner got to make his first visit to Fargos.

On one of these trips to town, which always seem to turn into marathon-day-long trips, especially when you throw a doctor's appointment or two in the mix, the kiddos were both done by the time we got to Target for groceries.  Thank goodness, they both just went to sleep.


The Little Buckaroo turned one-month-old!  Here's a comparison photo: one-day-old and one-month-old.

Gunner's one-month check-up with Dr. Hoover went great.  He weighed in at 10 pounds 2 ounces (up nearly 3 pounds from his lowest weight of 7 pounds 4 ounces) and grew to 22 inches long.  Poor baby was also due for a shot.

The Little Lady is OBSESSED with Rapunzel and the movie Tangled.  Last week when she was watching it, she grabbed this blanket and said "Look Mama, my pretty hair."  She's been dragging this blanket around behind her ever since.  Such an imagination!


So there's just a little bit of what's been going on around the Trailerhood!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Little Buckaroo {{One-Month-Old}}

Our Little Buckaroo is one-month-old today!

I know, it's so cliche, but this month has gone so fast.
After we got through our first week of running back and forth to doctor's appointments and spending another night in the hospital to treat his jaundice, we settled into our "normal routine" {if there is such a thing for us!} and things are going great.

Gunner is a really good baby.
He really usually only cries when he's hungry or when his sister pinches his nose {yes, she really does this when we're not looking}.

The little man likes to eat...A LOT!
Not the best nurser, so I pump and feed him. He consistently eats 3 to 5 ounces every three hours.
He's growing like crazy...his little cheeks just keep getting chubbier and chubbier.
We go for his one month check-up on Wednesday, I'm anxious to see how much he's grown.


Looking a little sleepy...


A hint of a sweet little smile...


Are we done yet, Mom...


one-day-old and one-month-old

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trick or Treat

We had a fun Halloween this year.

My Mom and I took the kids to Limon to trick or treat at John Wayne and I's offices and then John Wayne treated us to lunch.
I saw this tutu version of an Indian costume on Pinterest months ago and knew that's what I wanted to make for the Little Lady's costume {I'm sure this will be the last year that I get to choose her costume!} and then I just happened onto the adorable little papoose costume for the Little Buckaroo online.

Mama's Little Indians

She's a pretty loud little Indian.
Her Daddy said that her Indian name is "Talks A Lot."

After a much needed nap, it was time to go to Kit Carson to trick or treat.

First stop was Great Grandpa and Grandma Hammer's house.

How GW spent most of the night...


T giving GW his treat from The Greats.

Grandma took the Little Lady up to the houses while I stayed in the Suburban with the Little Buckaroo.


 It's so fun to have such a nice little town to trick or treat in!

The Little Lady was a little shy, at like the first house we went to, and then she was WAY into it.  By the end of the night, she was yelling "more places, more candy!"

It was a lot of fun to see her having so much fun.


Then we came home and had chili for dinner, got into our Halloween jammies and of course, went through all of our candy!