Friday, July 30, 2010

The Corrientes Win...

Last night was the ranch rodeo at the Cheyenne County Fair. It was a great production by Cowhand's and Corriente's Ranch Rodeos out of Dodge City, Kansas.

Here are our boys in the grand entry.

The night started off well...we were one of only four teams to get a time in the team branding event.

Yes, I have a scowl on my face...I think this hat is stupid!

The next event was sort and load. It was a heart breaker...we were closing the trailer gate when the two minute time limit was time.

Things kinda went downhill from there - our ropes didn't cooperate and the corrientes were FAST! But we still had a great time and are proud of our boys!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Messy Tressie

Our little Messy Tressie got her new highchair. Take will NEVER be this clean ever again!

She appears to think she's pretty big stuff!

WHAT is this thing...?!?

Oatmeal...not bad...

Now you see why we call her Messy Tressie!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Let's Rodeo

Sunday night was the first stop on our "mini ranch rodeo tour." Dad, Grandpa, Uncle Jason and Brad did the El Paso County Fair rodeo. Even though it was a relatively unorganized event...with a lot of teams (21)...we still had fun and the guys performed well for their first time out together!

Here I am ready for some rodeo, relaxing with Grandma.

Taking a ride with Dad before the rodeo.

Now it's time to go with Grandpa on Moe.

We set up camp and had a good time!

Annie joined me and Mommy on this excursion!

Grandpa and Dad going in to sort off their steer.

Dad, Grandpa and Uncle Jase go to work in the team branding after Brad roped their steer.

Hanging out with Grandpa Dave.

Cheyenne County Fair in Cheyenne Wells is the next stop, this Thursday night.

Aunt Katie's Bridal Shower

Sunday afternoon Mom and Sarah hosted a bridal shower for Aunt Katie. The weather was really nice and it was a great day celebrating the bride-to-be.

We held it on the patio of Katie's Mom's Clubhouse, it was a nice setting.

We had all sorts of fabulous food, but the cupcakes definitely win!

T and Aunt Katie

Aunt Katie showing off the apron Mom made her.

The Bridesmaids - Suz, Sarah and Mom

I get to be an honorary flower girl!

The big day is coming up quickly - August 28th!

Tressie and Kaleb

Auntie J and my buddy Kaleb came and stayed the weekend with us! Here I am anxiously awaiting their arrival!

I had a ton of fun playing with Kaleb. I was all about rolling over and getting right in his face...he was ok with me being in his space this time, we'll see if he's so tolerate next time!

This is my favorite picture of the babes playing...the look on T's face just screams ornery to me!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo

Today I took Mom & Dad and Grandma & Grandpa to the rodeo with the tickets I won for being the Gazette's Cutest Cowgirl.

I did rock my hair bow that has a crown on it, but I kinda felt like I should've had a sash or something!!! : )

I have a horsey on my butt!

Got to see Dayna and Jessica again!

We've had fun at the PPOB Rodeo this year!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tough Enough to Wear Pink

Tonight was Tough Enough to Wear Pink night at the Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo so I decided to go all out (granted, it was pretty easy considering I have a whole closet full of pink duds)!

I LOVED the rodeo! I took all of the action in and was a happy girl all evening. Feeding time rolled around and Mom and Dad were prepared for me to sound off, but I continued to stay happy the whole time we were at the rodeo, a good hour and a half, two hours past bottle time.

Here I am with my friends Skyla and Kelsi!

The highlight of my night (maybe even my lifetime!)...hanging out with the Queens! Our good family friend Danya Jenkins is Aide to Girl of the West this year and will assume the duties of Girl of the West next year. Dayna is such a sweetie...I think Mom and Dad would both be just fine if I grow up to be just like Dayna! I also got to meet Miss Rodeo America and Miss Rodeo Colorado and they autographed pictures for me to hang up in my awesome!

Yes, I loved the rodeo and the Queens. I dug hanging out with the new life ambition!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Relay for Life

Last night was the Lincoln County Relay for Life in Limon. The weather was PERFECT and there was a great turnout with 31 teams!

We only stayed for a few hours, but had a great time! Next year maybe we'll camp out with the team!

Farm Credit of Southern Colorado Team

Crusin' in my stroller!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pretty good mood considering...

I'm in a pretty good mood considering my day...4 month check-up = SHOTS!

Showing off my bandaides...

I checked in at 13 pounds 1 ounce and 23 1/2 inches...I have grown...A LOT! That's an increase of 4.5 pounds and 3" in two months...Dr. Hoover was impressed!

Some highlights from the past month...
I can now roll from my back to my tummy too!
I blow raspberries ALL the time (love to do it with a mouth full of milk)!
I moved into my own room into my big girl bed!
I'm beginning to try and pull up to set up on my own!
I can say DaDa! Just kidding! Just was trying to get her to say it so we could put it on her list of accomplishments...she's advanced, but not that advanced!