Monday, July 26, 2010

Let's Rodeo

Sunday night was the first stop on our "mini ranch rodeo tour." Dad, Grandpa, Uncle Jason and Brad did the El Paso County Fair rodeo. Even though it was a relatively unorganized event...with a lot of teams (21)...we still had fun and the guys performed well for their first time out together!

Here I am ready for some rodeo, relaxing with Grandma.

Taking a ride with Dad before the rodeo.

Now it's time to go with Grandpa on Moe.

We set up camp and had a good time!

Annie joined me and Mommy on this excursion!

Grandpa and Dad going in to sort off their steer.

Dad, Grandpa and Uncle Jase go to work in the team branding after Brad roped their steer.

Hanging out with Grandpa Dave.

Cheyenne County Fair in Cheyenne Wells is the next stop, this Thursday night.

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