Friday, April 17, 2015

Sunday Best

Yes, Easter was two weeks ago, but here are a few pictures from Easter morning before church.

They really are best, best friends.
Most of the time.

Gunner is becoming quite the ham.
Making pictures difficult.

You know my love for coordinated family outfits...


Case in point.

And of course a little hot-rodding before church.

We had a great Easter spent with family celebrating the resurrection of our Savior.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Easter Eggs!!!

We colored Easter eggs last night.
I'm going to admit...not one of my favorite projects.
And you want to know why...
{You're going to judge me.}
I'm a perfectionist and I want pretty eggs.
I know, I know...the kid's eggs are just beautiful.
Here are some photos from our messy adventure.

Happy Hunting!!

Friday, March 20, 2015

A Few Stories

There have been a couple of good ones lately, so I thought it was time to document them.

One day in all of Tressie's random ramblings:
"The things I fear the most in life: rats, snakes and not being popular."


The other day Tressie told Gaga:
"If I was you, and he was my kid (pointing at her brother), I'd sleep with one eye open.


Tressie told me that she was out of glue at school.
So I bought her some new glue sticks and gave her one to go put in her backpack.
T:  "Mom, can I have another glue stick."
Me:  "What'd you do with the one I just gave you."
T:  "Gunner has it.  He's putting it on his lips."


And finally, Saturday night on the way home from state basketball, Tressie proceeded to cheer the whole way home.  We had all had about enough of it.

Tressie:  "When I say purple, you said gold. Purple."
Gunner:  "Shut your mouth."

Tressie and Gunner, keeping a smile on our faces!!


And since it seems like the last 10 posts have been about his sister {turning 5 IS a pretty big deal} let's talk about this guy for a minute.
This picture pretty much sums Gunner up right now.
He wants, "no help," doing anything right now.
So if that means walking around with your coat on upside down, so be it!

State Hoops

Last weekend the whole family traveled three hours north to Loveland to cheer our Lady Wildcats on at the 1A Colorado State Basketball Championships.
We went in ranked #2, undefeated.
The girls easily won their first game on Thursday night.
Friday night, we faced the eventual state runner-ups and lost.
It was a disappointing game, one of those where things weren't clicking for us.
The littles still had fun cheering on their Wildcats.
And win or lose, we'll always be proud to be KC Wildcats.

We stayed at a hotel.
With a water slide.
Awesome fun for all.
Although Mr. GW almost prefers the "hot pool" to the water slide.

Saturday afternoon, our Lady Wildcats easily claimed the 3rd place trophy.
We are so proud of these ladies, they are a great group on and off the court.

This is Brooke.
Or as Tressie calls her Brookes.
Brooke is an aid in T's pre-school class.
Miss T thinks Brookes hung the moon.
We all think Brooke is pretty awesome.
It's awesome that our little lady has such a great roll model to look up to.

After spending the entire weekend with the Kit Carson community, I am so happy and proud that we're part of this community. 
The community shows up to support their team.
The big kids take care of the little kids.
It's a great group to be a part of.

Proud to be Kit Carson Wildcats!

Girl's Day!!

Miss T and I had a girl's day last week!

I don't know about you, but the only way we know how to start a girl's day is at Starbucks.
She looks a little like she could use some caffeine doesn't she.

Then it was time for the doctor and kindergarten shots.
Shots, boo.
But she did great.

Highlight of the doctors visit...getting her ears pierced.
Yes, at the doctors office.
Way better than a 16-year-old girl doing it at the mall.
At least this mama thinks so!
And the big finale...picking out her new doll at the American Girl Doll store!!!
She used her birthday money and bought it all herself.
Pretty cute!

Super fun girl's day!!

P.S.  I hope she still likes me this much when she's 13.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

These little leprechauns were up to their usual shenanigans on St. Patrick's Day.
We hope you had a fun day and didn't get pinched!!