Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Building Update

So...I'm pretty horrible at updating the blog.
It would appear that it's been three weeks or so since I've posted a building update.
So here's a quick rundown via Instagram pics.

We got windows!


We got doors!

We got a roof!


And, I'm obsessed with decorating it.

Lots of other stuff has gone on too.
You know, plumbing, heating, electrical, those sorts of {important!} things.

We had a little miscommunication on the bathtubs and the wrong ones were ordered.
That's put us at a complete standstill for two weeks waiting for those to come in.
Not that big of a deal, but when you're used to seeing progress every day, two weeks without them even there, seems like a big deal!
We are shooting for an end of October completion.

Contrary to what everyone tells has remained a fun process with very minimal stress!


Tressie Goes To Kindergarten!

Well, it happened...our Little Lady started Kindergarten!

She's been at this whole school thing for almost a week now and I think the nerves caused by all of the unknowns of Kindergarten, are finally all settled and I think she's loving it.

We had to stop by the new house for a first day of school picture on the front porch.

Even though neither one of them might admit it to you, I think they DO miss each other, at least a little, during the day.

Tressie has Miss Lowe again this year.
She had her for Preschool and loved her.

We are very excited for a great Kindergarten year!

County Fair Round Two

We had a very fun second week of county fair at the Lincoln County Fair.
The kids got to show their goats here.
They both really enjoyed showing their goats; after the show they both asked when they got to do it again!


T showed Bottle Baby.
They have a long history; from bottles, to T buying him at Papa's sale, to the show ring.  

The kids had a lot of friends and family there to cheer them on; including Miss Maddie.


Then they got to show Star and Charlotte again the next day.
I am really proud of the kiddos and all of the hard work they put into working with their projects this summer.

And of course when it was all said and done, there was plenty of time for lots of ice cream and snow cones!

Monday, August 3, 2015

County Fair Round One

Last week was county fair round one around our place.
See, we live in Cheyenne County and my folks sell quite a few goats to 4-H'ers over there, so we're involved in that fair.
And then, Justin showed all his 4-H years in Lincoln County and we work in Lincoln County, we we're involved in that fair, too.
So for now, that means two county fairs for the Golding's.

Anyways, last week was Cheyenne County Fair.
T and GW showed Charlotte and Star in the Bucket Calf Show.
They both did great with their calves.
T totally rocking it and GW with minimal help and no crying this year!
And they both did a good job of answering their questions, speaking into the microphone.
We were super proud of them, and their calves!

Gunner after the show with his celebratory Dr. Pepper.
This kid loves his Dr. Pepper.

After the hard work was over, it was time for face-painting, carnival games, rides and snow cones!

Saturday morning was the fair parade.
The boys all rode with Grandpa Hammer in his buggy.
T rode on the 'Princess for a Day' float with all of her little princess friends.

We had a great time at the Cheyenne County Fair.
Now we're trying to catch our breathe and get ready for Lincoln County Fair on Wednesday.

Building Update

So, it's been awhile since I've updated.
They finished the back-filling, that seemed to take awhile.
I didn't blog because nothing too exciting was happening.

They poured the basement floor, the front porch and back porch on July 22nd.
Forgot to blog that.
I was pretty excited about my front and back porch!

And looks like this!!!

The framing crew arrived the afternoon of July 28th (Tuesday).
Put in super long days, we're talking working well into the night under flood lights.
And pretty much had it done August 1st (Saturday).
That's a group of hard working Mormon boys right there!!

Everyone keeps asking me, what's next???
I don't really know.
I'm just worried about paint colors and furniture!

Oh and when Tressie saw this, she was ready to go home and pack.
We had to slow her down a little : )


Friday, June 26, 2015

Basement Walls

Wednesday, June 24th - We have basement walls.


We did swimming lessons this week!
This is the second year that we've chosen to do private lessons in Limon.
The instructor is awesome and the kids do well with the structure.
Well, one of the kids.
Gunner doesn't really care much for the big {the last day} he actually decided that he liked it and was smiling and having fun.  NO crying!!
So both kids made big strides over the week.

Here's a look at my Instagram pictures from the week.