Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Building Update

So...I'm pretty horrible at updating the blog.
It would appear that it's been three weeks or so since I've posted a building update.
So here's a quick rundown via Instagram pics.

We got windows!


We got doors!

We got a roof!


And, I'm obsessed with decorating it.

Lots of other stuff has gone on too.
You know, plumbing, heating, electrical, those sorts of {important!} things.

We had a little miscommunication on the bathtubs and the wrong ones were ordered.
That's put us at a complete standstill for two weeks waiting for those to come in.
Not that big of a deal, but when you're used to seeing progress every day, two weeks without them even there, seems like a big deal!
We are shooting for an end of October completion.

Contrary to what everyone tells has remained a fun process with very minimal stress!


1 comment:

Lauren said...

Looks great! We moved last year and I love our home, but the whole building process sounds so fun to me...I told my husband I was never moving again in my life though! hahaha!