Friday, August 30, 2013

The day we buried Peter...twice

Ironic that the last post I managed to get up here was “Meet Peter.”
Because well, there’s no nice way to say this, but Peter is now dead.

We have been having a hot spell here in Colorado and well, we’re pretty sure cause of death was heatstroke.

Thursday evening John Wayne and the Little Lady went to play with Peter, just as they do every evening.
John Wayne said it was so sad.
T: “Peter…Peter…Where are you Peter…??? Daddy, where’s Peter at?”
John Wayne said his heart just sank as he looked in the hutch to find a dead Peter.
He told her that he was sorry, but Peter had died.
She immediately dropped her head and was sad, but there was no balling hysterics.

She's handled it remarkably well, although I’m not sure she fully gets it yet.
"My bunny died…but he be better tomorrow.”
No baby, I’m afraid not. Dead is forever.

John Wayne did the good Daddy thing and buried Peter out under the trees.

Later that night as we’re headed to bed, John Wayne goes to get his cell phone to set his alarm.
No cell phone.
After searching EVERYWHERE (this is at 1 o’clock in the morning, mind you), we decide that there is only one place that the phone can be.

Peter Rabbit’s body was exhumed from the ground at sunset.
John Wayne’s phone was recovered.

 Nothing ceases to amaze me around here.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Meet Peter

This is Peter.
Isn't he cute?!?

Tressie got him at the county fair.
Notice that I didn't say 'caught' him at the county fair.

During the rodeo, on the track around the arena, they have games for the kiddos, one being the bunny catch. They release like 10 little bunnies and like 100 little girls go after them for their chance to catch a bunny to take home with them.

Well, the Little Lady had a bunny hop right up to her, there were no other little girls around, all she needed to do was lean over and pick it up...instead she leaned over, petted it and went after the bunny that 10 other little girls were after. 

She had numerous times when all she had to do was pick one up.
And she didn't.
She tells us later "I couldn't get my arms around it."

So, right there in the middle of the track, she throws a hissy.
Arms crossed, boot stompin' hissy.
Screaming all the way back up into the stands, as a very embarrassed John Wayne carried her.
It was quite the scene. {Atleast in our eyes. I had several others tell me how cute she was and when I said, more like ridiculous, they reminded me that it's only ridiculous when it's your own kid.}

When she returned to her seat, in search of sympathy, she sobbed, "Gugger, I catch no bunny."
Anyways, the hissy worked {there is something wrong with that..."the hissy worked"} and some little girls who did not have a place to keep the bunny they caught, gave theirs to her.

T is quite smitten with Peter.
And he is pretty darn cute.
{We think he's a Peter and not a Petunia, but we don't really know for sure???}

We got Peter a leash, so John Wayne and I don't have to worry about running after a little bunny, but for now, he mostly likes to go for wagon rides with T.
Oh, and a ball.
Peter has a ball.
I tried to explain to T, that I didn't think bunnies played with balls, but she was convinced otherwise.

Hopefully Peter has a nice long life, as the Little Lady "wants to keep Peter forever."


Oh, but the chores...that's hard work.
Love her face here as she's hauling Peter's bag of food to him : )

Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Little Buckaroo {{10-months-old}}

This guy, turned 10-months-old {like a week ago...I'm behind in all aspects of my life lately.}

Let's see...
Someone finally decided that they like food!
He'll eat LOTS of different things now.
He likes cheese, yogurt, pasta, veggies, meat.
Pretty much went from eating nothing, to eating everything.

He weighs right around 20 pounds and wears mostly size 12 months.

He still only has two teeth.

I would say that I think he might walk anytime, but I totally thought that with the Little Lady about now and then she didn't walk until 13 months, so who knows.

When he "talks," it's a cute "gruff" little boy voice.

He's a climber.
He likes to play with electrical cords.
He had his first black eye this week.
He's a slapper, like slap you right across the face, slapper. Not cute.
He's all boy.

He's pretty sure that his cute little grin can get him out of anything, but we're having to resist it at times.

Can't believe I just ordered invitations to our Little Buckaroo's first birthday party!

Golding Family Road Trip 2013 {{Beaver Creek}}

We spent the next couple of days in Beaver Creek at the Park Hyatt.
Love, love, love this resort!

I had never been to Beaver Creek before and was worried that it wouldn't be very kid friendly.  
It was SO kid friendly!

We had a GREAT room! 
{I even wrote the number down so that I can request it on future trips, but since I'll probably lose that --- 3009.}  
Our room was slope side with a balcony overlooking the pool, Jacuzzis, playground, fire pit and courtyard.

One morning, it was cloudy and drizzly.
So while the family slept in, I went to the spa.
Check out this amazing nail room -- it opens up and lets in the fresh mountain air.

We ventured out into the rain.
Beaver Creek has a pretty decent little children's museum, a great rainy day activity.
And best of all, it's free!

That afternoon, it cleared up and we took advantage of some of the fun family activities.
It was the Little Lady's first time to play miniature golf.
She was a major cheater.

This, was probably the highlight of the trip for the Little Lady.
A great big trampoline that they bungee you into and bounce you really high.
Everyone watching kept saying, "wow, look at her" "she's so brave" as she was by far the littlest kid doing it.
She would have done it all afternoon long if we would have kept forking the cash over.

More playground time.
After the trampoline, this was probably her favorite.

We also spent lots of time in their pool and Jacuzzis.  {No pics, I was too busy splashing!}

I was able to get a really cute pic of GW and John Wayne : )

And well, I tried with these two.
This is about as good as it gets these days.

It the evenings, it was smores around the fire pit!

Monday morning my family headed home.
{John Wayne could write a whole other blog about their trip home, the highlight low-point being when T got car sick coming down the mountain and threw up all over the Suburban.}
I stayed three more days for a conference for work.

I did enjoy some time to myself.
Even though it was relaxing, it was more fun when my family was there!


Beaver Creek, a GREAT summer getaway spot!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

County Fair Season

For some, county fair is a day, for us, it is a season.

Last week, the kids went with Gaga and Papa to El Paso County Fair to watch the goat show.

This week, the Little Lady and Papa went to the goat show at Cheyenne County Fair on Wednesday night.
Then Gaga, Papa, T and GW spent all day back there again for kid's day, the livestock sale and the team driving competition that night.
The Little Lady had BIG fun at the kid's day events: turtle races, stick horse rodeo and carnival games.
Gaga has lots of pictures from the day, I'll have to get some from her.

After work, John Wayne and I caught up with the family for the team driving competition.
Basically, an obstacle course you have to go through with your team pulling a wagon.
It was our teams first competition.
My Grandpa did the course with them and my Dad did the course with them.
My Dad got third in one of the courses.
It was a super fun night, but we got home really late.

The next morning, it was off to Kiowa for the Elbert County Fair.
This is the county that our nieces and nephew show in and a bunch of our friends.
It was the livestock sale day.
Once again, a big time was had by all, especially the Little Lady.

This week, we wrap up our county fair goings, on Friday at the Lincoln County Fair.

Tis the season...and I love it!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Golding Family Road Trip 2013 {{Denver}}

Last week we went on our summer vaca.
It was just a short Colorado road trip, but it was much needed and a lot of fun!

We spent a day at the the Denver Zoo.


The Little Lady really enjoyed looking at all the animals.
Her favorite was the "big monkeys."


The Little Buckaroo was his usual happy self.


One of the highlights was standing this close {no zoom lens} and watching the rhino get her afternoon cool down.


When T saw these monkeys, she immediately pointed, giggled and yelled "Papa!"
I guess she thought their mustaches resembled Papas : )


We got to see a new baby snow cute!


That night we stayed at the Omni Interlocken Resort in Broomfield.
Awesome place!
The had a great pool complex, two pools, a huge hot tub and plenty of lounge chairs.
That night they showed a movie down at the pool.
It just so happened that they showed Tangled, one of the Little Lady's all time favorite movies.
There was free popcorn and everything!
When we got back to the room for bed, we were pleasantly surprised by milk and cookies waiting for the kids.
A great resort and very kid friendly!

The next morning, we slept in, went to brunch and then did a little shopping before we headed to Beaver Creek for the rest of our trip.

Mommy Tressie Day

{This post is several weeks old...guess I never hit "publish."}

Saturday, the Little Lady and I had a "Mommy Tressie Day" as she calls it.
It was a really fun day.
It's really not too often that it's just her and I.

We went to a baby shower for one of my high school friends.
The Little Lady is quite into baby showers these days.
There was great food, ice cream cake {the best!}, fun games {I hate baby shower games, but these "Minute-To-Win-It" games were actually fun} and fun catching up with old friends.

Anytime we are in the city, the Little Lady has to have Chick-Fil-A {or bauck bauck and fries as she refers to it.}
Our Chick-Fil-A is closed for an expansion {much needed!} but thankfully they have a drive thru with a limited menu set up in the Target parking lot.
There were no fries on the limited menu, so I thought we were going to have a meltdown, but after I explained the situation, she chilled out.

Then we did a little shopping.
We bought her a few things and a few things to take home to Gug who spent the day with Gaga.
And finally {around super time!} we finished the day off with some fro yo!

I love my Little Lady and had a great day with her!