Tuesday, August 6, 2013

County Fair Season

For some, county fair is a day, for us, it is a season.

Last week, the kids went with Gaga and Papa to El Paso County Fair to watch the goat show.

This week, the Little Lady and Papa went to the goat show at Cheyenne County Fair on Wednesday night.
Then Gaga, Papa, T and GW spent all day back there again for kid's day, the livestock sale and the team driving competition that night.
The Little Lady had BIG fun at the kid's day events: turtle races, stick horse rodeo and carnival games.
Gaga has lots of pictures from the day, I'll have to get some from her.

After work, John Wayne and I caught up with the family for the team driving competition.
Basically, an obstacle course you have to go through with your team pulling a wagon.
It was our teams first competition.
My Grandpa did the course with them and my Dad did the course with them.
My Dad got third in one of the courses.
It was a super fun night, but we got home really late.

The next morning, it was off to Kiowa for the Elbert County Fair.
This is the county that our nieces and nephew show in and a bunch of our friends.
It was the livestock sale day.
Once again, a big time was had by all, especially the Little Lady.

This week, we wrap up our county fair goings, on Friday at the Lincoln County Fair.

Tis the season...and I love it!

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Jennifer said...

Looks like ya'lls fair going has been like our rodeo going!