Sunday, August 4, 2013

Mommy Tressie Day

{This post is several weeks old...guess I never hit "publish."}

Saturday, the Little Lady and I had a "Mommy Tressie Day" as she calls it.
It was a really fun day.
It's really not too often that it's just her and I.

We went to a baby shower for one of my high school friends.
The Little Lady is quite into baby showers these days.
There was great food, ice cream cake {the best!}, fun games {I hate baby shower games, but these "Minute-To-Win-It" games were actually fun} and fun catching up with old friends.

Anytime we are in the city, the Little Lady has to have Chick-Fil-A {or bauck bauck and fries as she refers to it.}
Our Chick-Fil-A is closed for an expansion {much needed!} but thankfully they have a drive thru with a limited menu set up in the Target parking lot.
There were no fries on the limited menu, so I thought we were going to have a meltdown, but after I explained the situation, she chilled out.

Then we did a little shopping.
We bought her a few things and a few things to take home to Gug who spent the day with Gaga.
And finally {around super time!} we finished the day off with some fro yo!

I love my Little Lady and had a great day with her!

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