Friday, July 12, 2013

31 and an Intern

I turned 31 yesterday.
And I had an intern at my office.
It was a really good day.

I got a donut on my way to work.
I went and watched the Little Lady at swimming lessons.
The Little Lady and I met Katie and Baby Maddie for lunch.
The Little Lady came to work with me for the afternoon.

Being an intern is fun.
You get to do things like color.
Make a tent underneath your Mom's superviosr's desk.
Watch Handy Manny on the iPad.
Eat suckers.
Eat birthday cake.
Drink a Mountain Dew.
Deliver hand drawn sticky notes to everyone's office.

For like 12 seconds the intern thought about taking a nap on the job, then she thought better of it and waited for the drive home.

So far, 31 is pretty cool.

Oh, an my intern, she got fired...something about disrupting productivity in the office.


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Happy Belated Birthday...looks like it was a good day!

Nicole said...

Happy 31st!