Friday, July 12, 2013

The Little Buckaroo {{Nine-months-old}}

The Little Buckaroo turned 9-months-old on Wednesday.
Nine months!

He's still a super happy little man.

Growing like crazy. {Doctor next Friday, then I'll update stats.}
He's pretty much outgrown{ing} his 9-month-stuff.

I will say that he's become a little more difficult to get down at night.
We feed him his bottle.
He's asleep.
You lay him in his crib.
And within 10 seconds, he's screaming.
{Shhhhh, but this seems to be getting better as of this week, so hopefully that little stage is over.}

I think this child is the fastest crawler ever.
Baby Olympics...

He pulls up to everything and kinda cruises along furniture.
He really wants to try the whole standing without holding onto anything.

His sister and him love to wrestle.
And have screaming contests.

He still just has two teeth.
I keep thinking more will pop through anytime?

And...we found a food he really REALLY likes, ice cream.

Oh, and did I mention he sometimes utters "Mama".
Melts my heart.

I knew I needed to order the big car seat.
I had been putting it off...until I saw this picture.
It's in the mail.

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