Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A look at our weekend...

We had a fun Valentine's Day.
We woke the kiddos up a few minutes early to give them their valentines.
They had a fun day at Gaga and Papa's, watching their new Jungle Book movie from Gaga and Papa and decorating the house for our valentines dinner.


We went to the city on Sunday and made Panera our first stop for some breakfast.
Tressie always chooses the cupcake and pretty much only eats the piece of candy off the top (she's not much of a breakfast eater, even if it's a cupcake) and Gunner always gets a chocolate chip muffie and eats the entire things, he LOVES it.

We ran lots of errands, but did include a few stops for the boys.

The highlight of our trip to the city was meeting up with Papa Dave and uncles and cousins for lunch at Fargos!!!

OK, I know that was a really quick post, but now I feel better that I can cross something off my to-do list : )