Friday, July 12, 2013

31 and an Intern

I turned 31 yesterday.
And I had an intern at my office.
It was a really good day.

I got a donut on my way to work.
I went and watched the Little Lady at swimming lessons.
The Little Lady and I met Katie and Baby Maddie for lunch.
The Little Lady came to work with me for the afternoon.

Being an intern is fun.
You get to do things like color.
Make a tent underneath your Mom's superviosr's desk.
Watch Handy Manny on the iPad.
Eat suckers.
Eat birthday cake.
Drink a Mountain Dew.
Deliver hand drawn sticky notes to everyone's office.

For like 12 seconds the intern thought about taking a nap on the job, then she thought better of it and waited for the drive home.

So far, 31 is pretty cool.

Oh, an my intern, she got fired...something about disrupting productivity in the office.

The Little Buckaroo {{Nine-months-old}}

The Little Buckaroo turned 9-months-old on Wednesday.
Nine months!

He's still a super happy little man.

Growing like crazy. {Doctor next Friday, then I'll update stats.}
He's pretty much outgrown{ing} his 9-month-stuff.

I will say that he's become a little more difficult to get down at night.
We feed him his bottle.
He's asleep.
You lay him in his crib.
And within 10 seconds, he's screaming.
{Shhhhh, but this seems to be getting better as of this week, so hopefully that little stage is over.}

I think this child is the fastest crawler ever.
Baby Olympics...

He pulls up to everything and kinda cruises along furniture.
He really wants to try the whole standing without holding onto anything.

His sister and him love to wrestle.
And have screaming contests.

He still just has two teeth.
I keep thinking more will pop through anytime?

And...we found a food he really REALLY likes, ice cream.

Oh, and did I mention he sometimes utters "Mama".
Melts my heart.

I knew I needed to order the big car seat.
I had been putting it off...until I saw this picture.
It's in the mail.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Red, White and Blue

I hope you all had a good 4th of July!


Hello friends!
Since my blogging has been a little sparse lately, I thought I'd take a few minutes and update you on what's going on with us via a few phone pics.

Two weeks ago, we took the Little Lady to see her first movie in the theater.
Monsters University.
She LOVED it and did great!

The Little Buckaroo enjoying some time playing with his tractors...
alone, while "his boss" was still in bed.

A couple of Wild Pony headbands ready to go in the mail.

The Little Lady at swimming lessons.

I wore my shirt backwards one day this week.
I realized it at about two in the afternoon!

The 4th of July...smores for breakfast!
Why not?!?

New trucker caps coming soon to Wild Pony!

Have a great weekend!

life rearranged

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Swimming Lessons!

Gaga and I decided to put out the extra effort and enroll
the Little Lady in swimming lessons this summer.

I say "the extra effort" because well, when you live where we live,
most things require a little extra effort.

She's taking the lessons in Hugo, 40 miles from home.
So, Gaga loads up T and GW and drives them to Hugo
and I take a long lunch break and drive from
Limon over to Hugo, 15 miles, to meet them.
It's really not bad, atleast on my part {time out of the office, at the pool}.

And well, the Little Lady is loving it.
So totally worth it!

Day One
After being a little timid, for like a minute, she jumped right in.
She LOVES her teacher Miss Brittany! {Brittany is awesome with the kids!}

Day Two
She asked to wear her goggles today.
Upon arriving, "Come on girls, lets get in!"
Today Brittany said to me "Wow, she has no fear, does she?"  No, no she does not.

Highlight: the slide! 

I'm so glad that she's enjoying them so much!