Saturday, June 26, 2010

My first rodeo

Tonight we went to the Colorado Championship Ranch Rodeo in Hugo with Grandpa and Grandma Hammer and Great Grandpa and Grandma Hammer.

Here I am at Grandpa and Grandma's ready to head to the rodeo.

Here I am with Grandma when we first got there. I was a little overwhelmed by the loud announcer when we first got there and you can tell by my red eyes that I had to have a little cry, but after awhile I started to enjoy the action.

Our little sunflower

Today was picture day. Here are a few of my favorites!

And...I'm over it! The last picture of the shoot...attitude!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

I love my Daddy!

My Daddy is the BEST!

A few of the reasons why my Daddy is the best...
I look like him.
When I have a tummy ache, he does "bicycle legs" to help me work through it.
He likes to stay up late and sleep in...just like me.
He gives me ice cream.
He takes me for rides on his horse.

But mostly...
He loves me and Mommy!

Happy Father's Day

After Tressie's dedication, we had everyone back to our house for lunch to celebrate Father's Day. We had a houseful...33 people! Great family, great food, great Colorado weather...GREAT DAY!

Tressie is very blessed to have a great Daddy, Grandpas and Great Grandpas!

Grandpa Hammer, Mom and Tressie

Grandpa Dave, Dad, Mom and Tressie

Grandpa and Grandma Hammer, Mom, Dad and Tressie

Great Grandpa and Grandma Hammer, Mom, Dad and Tressie and Great Grandpa and Grandma Chisman

Great Grandma Kinkade

Grandpa and T trying to stay cool!

Tressie and Great Grandpa Chisman

Children are a gift from the Lord

Today was a very special day...Tressie's dedication day! It was so special to have my Uncle Jerry do it (he's who married Just and I almost 8 years ago). Tressie was a really good little girl and looked like a little angel in her special dress.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

My monsters rock the hairbow too!

Lucy and Lacy went to the groomers today (we always tell them they're going to the "doggy spa"). When we went to pick them up they had been accesorized! : )

We laughed at them all they way to the pick-up...but they do look pretty darn cute!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Yee Haw

Mom's trying to get the perfect picture for the Gazette's cutest cowgirl contest...Dad says this is too much...Mom maybe even kind of agrees, but this picture was too cute not to share!

Stay tuned for which picture we enter and how to vote!

One of the best things about summer!

Dollar scoop night at Baskin Robbins!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Team Golding

Yesterday was our branding, it went really well (except for the fact that I failed in the picture department and didn't take a single one) and was a fun day. Last night when we got home Justin and I were spent, pretty much exhausted. We were getting ready for bed and I told Just "wouldn't it be great if she slept through the night, like the WHOLE night." He laughed and told me I had just jinxed any possibility of that happening tonight.

Well...over eight hours later, here's our little sleeping beauty! She decided to play on Mom and Dad's team last night...Tressie welcome to Team Golding!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

What happens at Grandma's...

...even lounging in Grandpa's chair! Shhhh...he's out checking cows and will never know!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Branding Day

Today was a super big first branding!!! Here I am all ready for the day...I'm sporting my Grandpa's boots from when he was a baby!

Great Grandpa Hammer was anxious to get me on his horse with him...first thing this morning he came and snatched me up for a ride!

Here's Grandpa and Moe draggin' a calf...

Sweet little baby calf...I think we could be great friends! I wonder if Mom and Dad will let me take him home?!?

Dad and Gunner, ropin' and draggin'...

Going for a ride bareback on Moe...I wasn't too sure how I felt about this...Moe's mane on my bare legs felt kinda funky?!?

Happy little family!

Me and my Daddy! Can't wait 'til I'm big enough to go with him on my pony!

One of the best parts of branding day is relaxing and visiting when the work is all done!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me!

Yep, I'm three-months-old today...and according to Mom and Dad, growing up way too fast!

And of Mom's biggest fears is coming true...

She knew I wouldn't agree with them forever!

Cousins, cousins, cousins...

I love my cousins!!! This weekend I got to meet my Missouri cousins Morgen and Jayden. Here's Jayden holding me...I really liked her, she got down on the floor and played with me and talked to me!