Saturday, June 5, 2010

Branding Day

Today was a super big first branding!!! Here I am all ready for the day...I'm sporting my Grandpa's boots from when he was a baby!

Great Grandpa Hammer was anxious to get me on his horse with him...first thing this morning he came and snatched me up for a ride!

Here's Grandpa and Moe draggin' a calf...

Sweet little baby calf...I think we could be great friends! I wonder if Mom and Dad will let me take him home?!?

Dad and Gunner, ropin' and draggin'...

Going for a ride bareback on Moe...I wasn't too sure how I felt about this...Moe's mane on my bare legs felt kinda funky?!?

Happy little family!

Me and my Daddy! Can't wait 'til I'm big enough to go with him on my pony!

One of the best parts of branding day is relaxing and visiting when the work is all done!

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