Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A tea party

So, I realize it's been a lifetime (or two weeks) since I posted. Blog fail, sorry. So tonight, you get pretty uneventful tea party pictures. But the Little Lady was enjoying her little tea party (on the edge of the couch), while watching her favorite show, Good Luck Charlie.

She loves to take the little purple tea cups (you can see them in her toy box down by her foot) and shake milk out of her sippy cup into them and then drink out of her tea cup. Cute! : )

Thursday, August 18, 2011

A little ranch rodeo fun!

This summer's ridiculously busy schedule only allowed time for one ranch rodeo, but we had lots of fun a couple of weeks ago at the Elbert County Fair!

Hanging out at the trailer before the rodeo started.
Yeh, they're both pretty cute...I know!

Lunch time!

John Wayne and his little cowgirl!

T practicing her queen wave with Grandpa.

Going for a little ride on Moe.

Tressie with two of her favorite friends, the Harr girls, Skyla and Kelsi.

The Little Lady with our favorite County Fair Queen, Madison Andersen.

"Warming" up : )

The Team - Dad, Justin, Jason (Golding) and Brad Harr.

Got him sorted...

Dad and Moe chasing one down.

Team Doctoring

Team Branding

Time for a much needed break from the heat in the pick-up.

So, we didn't bring any money home. I'm pretty sure we were first or second in two events, but throw a no-time in there, and you go home empty handed. But like I said, we had fun. Oh, and Grandma bought all the girls ice cream, so all the girls had fun!

90th Annual Hammer Picnic

Every year the last Sunday of July is always, the Hammer Picnic. We pack our coolers and head to the beautiful mountain ranch, outside of Divide, owned by my Grandpa's cousin.

This year was special...this year marked the 90th Annual Hammer Picnic!

The Golding's relaxing before lunch.

Tressie taking her Daddy exploring.

The Ernie Hammer family enjoying lunch.

Have I told you how much the Little Lady LOVES corn-on-the-cob?!?!

Ahhhh, refreshing!

Four generations: my Grandpa, my Dad, me and T.

My Dad with his sister and brother.

My Dad and cousin Jake...trading places : )

Me and John Wayne with all of my cousins (minus Josh, this was the day after his wedding).

This year we had Hammer's from as far away as New York come for the picnic. I found out from one of the historians of the family that I am part of the 17th generation of Hammer's and so that would make Tressie the 18th generation. It's neat to go and learn more about your family!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Horsey Girl

Justin's Aunt Sue sent the Little Lady this ADORABLE outfit!

I just love it and think it's one of the cutest things I've ever seen.

Don't you?!?

Oh, and a couple of other things...

1) My baby is turning into such a little girl.

2) Her hair is looking red.

Don't you think?!?

Thanks Aunt Sue for the adorable outfit!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

And after the ceremony...

T hanging out with a few little pals after her flower girl duties were complete.

Josh and Chevy cutting their pretty cake...

And yes, how my cousin chose to start his marriage... : )

Eating chocolate cake with her big cousins.

(All this sugar kicked in about 11 o'clock that night!)

Burning off some energy with Grandpa.

Pajamas: check.

Dancing shoes: check.

The Little Lady hanging out with Jake, ready for the dance.

As I've mentioned before, the Little Lade LOVES to dance.

A little disco maybe?!?

It was a fun wedding and I'm so glad T got to be a part of it!

Scenes from before the ceremony...

As promised, more flower girl pictures...

T loves her big cousins (my cousins) and they each did their part to keep her busy and entertained before the wedding. Here she is dancing with Lauren and hanging out with Leah.

Michael helped the Little Lady rock out with the microphone. Let's just say she LOVED this!

Tressie and Jake are two of a kind, let's call it "high energy"! : )

After all this, she needed a little rest (3 seconds) before her big walk down the aisle!

Monday, August 8, 2011

A shiny new quarter...

Thanks to Miss Sarah, the Little Lady earned herself a shiny new quarter for her piggy bank Sunday afternoon at the Elbert County Fair. The kids races were going on on the track around the arena during the ranch rodeo.


On your marks...get set...GO!

Working her way towards the finish line!