Thursday, August 18, 2011

A little ranch rodeo fun!

This summer's ridiculously busy schedule only allowed time for one ranch rodeo, but we had lots of fun a couple of weeks ago at the Elbert County Fair!

Hanging out at the trailer before the rodeo started.
Yeh, they're both pretty cute...I know!

Lunch time!

John Wayne and his little cowgirl!

T practicing her queen wave with Grandpa.

Going for a little ride on Moe.

Tressie with two of her favorite friends, the Harr girls, Skyla and Kelsi.

The Little Lady with our favorite County Fair Queen, Madison Andersen.

"Warming" up : )

The Team - Dad, Justin, Jason (Golding) and Brad Harr.

Got him sorted...

Dad and Moe chasing one down.

Team Doctoring

Team Branding

Time for a much needed break from the heat in the pick-up.

So, we didn't bring any money home. I'm pretty sure we were first or second in two events, but throw a no-time in there, and you go home empty handed. But like I said, we had fun. Oh, and Grandma bought all the girls ice cream, so all the girls had fun!

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