Friday, August 5, 2011

Place Your Bets

This morning we ventured to the Cheyenne County Fair for the turtle races.

For the past couple of weeks Grandpa and Daddy have been recruiting turtles (stopping every time they see one and picking it up to bring home, only if it tries to get away from them, we don't want any duds). We've had a turtle dorm in our stock trailer where they've spent their days in the weight room and on the track and their nights eating a high protein diet. OK, not really...they've spent their days doing whatever turtles do and their nights eating weeds and dog food.

But today was finally the big day...time for "Tressie's Turtle Trotters" to head to the big race. (The big race is free to enter and the winner takes home $50 bucks!)

The trainer looking over her team before we head to the races.

The trainer is not quite sure what she thinks of turtles!

Waiting to load the gates.

In case you've never been to a turtle race, here's how it works. Heats of 10 turtles are placed inside the starting gates. Upon the start, the contraption is removed and the first turtle out of the chalk circle wins.

And they're off!!!

There were 98 turtles entered in today's race. Tressie's turtles didn't win, but we still had fun. Maybe those east side county turtles have better genetics or something?!?

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