Monday, August 1, 2011

The Little Lady's First Flower Girl Gig

When a 17-month-old is charged with the duty of flower girl, you never know what might happen...but I think Tressie did a very good job!

After much deliberation as to whether or not to let her walk down the aisle by herself, or with some of her older cousins who were bridesmaid/groomsmen, we decided to let her go it alone. The Little Lady never showed much fear. She headed down the aisle, only to quickly become distracted by all of the people to stop and visit with along the way.

So after stopping to visit (with a stranger, none the less!), one of her older cousins who was an usher, helped her make the rest of the way down the aisle.

She quickly realized that she was center stage with a captive audience. I snuck up to the side and was whispering and motioning, "Tressie, come here." To which her response was a little giggle and to run away : )

After we got the silly little flower girl out of the way, the real star made her way down the aisle. Chevy looked stunning! I must admit, I'm not usually a huge fan of mermaid style dresses, but this dress was made for Chevy! It looked so perfect on her, she was gorgeous! (And from the looks of it, I think my cousin Josh, thought so too!)

It was a great ceremony and I'm so happy that they asked T to be a part of it!

You'll notice that she ended up bare foot. She had darling little white dress shoes, but even before the ceremony started they had rubbed huge blisters on her heals. It must be awesome to be 1-year-old and be able to get away with walking down the aisle in a wedding bare foot!


Brenda Hammer said...

Grandma thought she was adorable!

Anonymous said...

Tressie was so cute! All the cousins had so much fun with her! It was fun to just sit back and watch!--Aunt Kim

AudreyO said...

Adorable photos. The dress is so cute. I so wish dresses like that could be worn over and over again LOL.