Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Beautiful Texas Wedding

This weekend we went to Texas for a dear family friend's wedding.
Texas, that sounds like a long ways away, but it was actually only about five hours from our house.


Here we are at the hotel ready to head out to the ranch for the wedding.
{Oh my goodness...look at how pregnant {huge!!!} I am!}


The Little Lady showing off her dress.
{Please take notice of the awesome pink and orange shoes I found for $5 on the Target clearance rack!!!}


Grandpa, Grandma and the Little Lady.

The ceremony was in a meadow on their ranch.
So pretty!

The ceremony was very nice, short and sweet.
{Poor John Wayne spent the ceremony in the Suburban with one very upset Little Lady who couldn't sit still or be quiet.  Bless him.}

Brilliant...a bounce house for the kids!!!

It was so cute, they had a whole little area set up for the kids, complete with several adorable kids table and chairs sets.

I'm disappointed that this is the only pic I snapped of the reception area.  This was hands down the best reception I've been to.  I figured that they'd have tents set up, but they didn't, they just had everything set up out in the meadow and that's what made it so wonderful.  The wedding wasn't until 7PM, so by reception time it was starting to get dark and was just absolutely gorgeous...candle lit tables under the Texas stars.

Love how the cakes were displayed!

And the cake was sooo yummy!

My Mom and one of her best friends, the Mother of the Bride.

You would have thought that the bounce house was the highlight of the wedding for the Little Lady...oh no...DANCING!
She literally would have danced every.single.song and her Daddy was a good sport and danced several with her, but well you see, she's heavy!

I'm disappointed that the one picture I snapped of the dance floor didn't turn out.  They had white lights draped in the trees and then three of the "hula hoop chandeliers" {all of you Pinners out there know what I'm talking about!}.

I've been looking forward to this wedding all summer long and it definitely lived up to my expectations!

Congratulations Amy and Ryan!!! 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Phone Photo Randomness

Hello friends!  Thought I'd share some complete randomness via my phone pictures.

This certain Little Lady has been rowdy lately!
Here she is on the day she insisted on wearing her Easter dress and glittery shoes to Grandma's house.
You know, just another Wednesday.


Yes, Halloween is over two months away, but I'm having a baby like a week before Halloween, so it's been on my mind lately.
Last time that we were in the big city, I picked up stuff to start making the Little Lady's indian costume.
And then, I found this adorable costume online for the Little Buckaroo {which I'm sure he'll be drowning in, but it was too adorable to pass up}!

I hadn't seen my bestie in quite some time.
Last week we were finally able to meet up for lunch and she gave me this great necklace for my birthday.
Yay for late birthday presents...spread the love out!

Getting the Little Buckaroo ready for football season!

The car wash is apparently a very scary place.

It rained!
Well really, it poured -- we got over 2 inches on Wednesday night.
It's nice to know it still remembers how to rain.
It was good for the soul.

John Wayne's new saddle finally came!
He's been saving his Christmas and birthday money for the past several years to buy it.
It's really nice!

And finally, just because I can't get enough of his cuteness...a Poncho picture I found on my phone.

life rearranged

Monday, August 20, 2012

Golding Cousins

This weekend, all of the Golding cousins were together, with the exception of big cousin Tyler who is starting his third year at West Point.

Charlie and Ben were visiting from Washington.

The kids had a blast riding their go-cart!  The Little Lady's Dad and Unlce John even took her for a ride on it.

Uncle Chuck and Aunt Jody hosted a BBQ at their house and all of the cousins {and second cousins} had a great time playing together!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Randomness from around the ranch

Hi all!  Just a few random pictures from around the ranch.

We FINALLY ordered Poncho a cinch small enough for him : )
He's also sporting new blankets and a new halter.

The saddle was mine when I was little and before that, it was my Grandpa's when he was little.  Pretty cool huh?!?

Isn't Poncho cute?!? : )

I don't think I ever told you about the new swing set that we got the Little Lady for her birthday {a lot of things when undocumented during March and April, my sickest months!}.

Anyways, she loves it.
And she loves her Daddy even more for the hours he spent assembling it!

Sunday, we rode along with John Wayne to check cows.

The Little Lady was most happy when we got to the pasture and she was able to get out of her car seat.

The girls messing around while Daddy put salt and mineral out.

I helped count cows.
This is my method, I can't keep track without a little help.

We had to break down and buy some protein tubs to put out to supplement the cows.
As you can see, it is VERY dry.

The tubs will help them, but it's bad around here.  The sale barn may be in our future, like many other ranchers around here.  Please pray for rain for our parched country.

And finally, I wanted to tell you about an awesome giveaway {$50 Erin Condren gift card!!!} that Savanah and Ashlee are doing.  You can enter to win it by visiting the link below.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Phone Photo Fun

Hello friends!  OK, so I've gotten really lazy in the blogging world lately and especially in the picture taking department.  I guess when you're hot, pregnant and chasing a two-year-old, it's just easier to snap pictures with your phone, rather than your nice camera.

Here's a look at our weekend via Instagram pics.

Friday afternoon at the fair, my office gave away homemade ice cream before the Junior Livestock Sale.  We are one popular group of people at the fair!


Grandpa and Grandma brought the Little Lady to the fair.  Rockin' her romper and boots : )


We recently opened a satellite office in Strasburg.  Saturday morning, I got to get up bright and early and drive over 100 miles for our grand opening/open house during the Strasburg Hometown Days town festival.


We handed out popcorn out in front of our office during the parade.


Saturday afternoon, I made us a key lime pie.  If you've never tried the recipe on the back of this bottle of key lime juice, you must...it is the absolute easiest recipe ever and so yummy!


Saturday evening, we were just hanging out when the Little Lady decided to help her baby doll learn how to ride.  She was so cute to watch!


Here's to a great week friends!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New Boss Lady

There’s a new boss lady on the ranch…and I don’t think I’d mess with her!

My Mom captured this great picture of the Little Lady imitating Grandpa yesterday morning when he was conducting some ranch business.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Phone Photo Fun

Happy Monday friends!  Hope you all had a nice weekend and are looking forward to your week ahead.  Here's a look back at our week via Instagram pics.

Each year for fair, I make a special young lady {my bestie's niece} a hair bow to match her shirt for county fair.  Thursday, we went and watched her and her little brother show their steers.

The Little Lady was really into the Olympics the other night ~ watching and mimicking the gymnasts.  It was very entertaining!

The Little Lady is finally showing a little interest in her potty {instead of literally running the other way yelling no}.  Here she is first thing one morning : )

I ordered a custom made brand ring in January.  It finally came this week!  It was worth the wait...I love it so much!

Friday, our actual anniversary, John Wayne and I were in the big city for a doctor's appointment so we got to celebrate our anniversary again!

Saturday, the Little Lady and I went to Colorado Springs with Grandma.

First stop was Ellicott so Grandma could get her hair done.  The Little Lady loved sitting in the chair...maybe someday she'll have enough hair that she needs a hair cut!

Chick-fil-A for lunch...love us some CFA!

When we're done in town before we head home, we always stop at Sonic for a drink.  The Little Lady has to have her own now days.  She drank maybe two sips of it before she was asleep.

At the county fair carnival the Little Lady won $10!  She chose to buy a Merida doll with her money.

Have a great week!  I think we have another busy one on tap.