Monday, August 6, 2012

Phone Photo Fun

Happy Monday friends!  Hope you all had a nice weekend and are looking forward to your week ahead.  Here's a look back at our week via Instagram pics.

Each year for fair, I make a special young lady {my bestie's niece} a hair bow to match her shirt for county fair.  Thursday, we went and watched her and her little brother show their steers.

The Little Lady was really into the Olympics the other night ~ watching and mimicking the gymnasts.  It was very entertaining!

The Little Lady is finally showing a little interest in her potty {instead of literally running the other way yelling no}.  Here she is first thing one morning : )

I ordered a custom made brand ring in January.  It finally came this week!  It was worth the wait...I love it so much!

Friday, our actual anniversary, John Wayne and I were in the big city for a doctor's appointment so we got to celebrate our anniversary again!

Saturday, the Little Lady and I went to Colorado Springs with Grandma.

First stop was Ellicott so Grandma could get her hair done.  The Little Lady loved sitting in the chair...maybe someday she'll have enough hair that she needs a hair cut!

Chick-fil-A for us some CFA!

When we're done in town before we head home, we always stop at Sonic for a drink.  The Little Lady has to have her own now days.  She drank maybe two sips of it before she was asleep.

At the county fair carnival the Little Lady won $10!  She chose to buy a Merida doll with her money.

Have a great week!  I think we have another busy one on tap.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures! :)

Melodee said...

cute pix! happy Monday to you, too!!

Anonymous said...

Haha aw sweet pictures of her tumbling!

Rachel said...

Aww, I love it!! :)