Thursday, August 23, 2012

Phone Photo Randomness

Hello friends!  Thought I'd share some complete randomness via my phone pictures.

This certain Little Lady has been rowdy lately!
Here she is on the day she insisted on wearing her Easter dress and glittery shoes to Grandma's house.
You know, just another Wednesday.


Yes, Halloween is over two months away, but I'm having a baby like a week before Halloween, so it's been on my mind lately.
Last time that we were in the big city, I picked up stuff to start making the Little Lady's indian costume.
And then, I found this adorable costume online for the Little Buckaroo {which I'm sure he'll be drowning in, but it was too adorable to pass up}!

I hadn't seen my bestie in quite some time.
Last week we were finally able to meet up for lunch and she gave me this great necklace for my birthday.
Yay for late birthday presents...spread the love out!

Getting the Little Buckaroo ready for football season!

The car wash is apparently a very scary place.

It rained!
Well really, it poured -- we got over 2 inches on Wednesday night.
It's nice to know it still remembers how to rain.
It was good for the soul.

John Wayne's new saddle finally came!
He's been saving his Christmas and birthday money for the past several years to buy it.
It's really nice!

And finally, just because I can't get enough of his cuteness...a Poncho picture I found on my phone.

life rearranged


Rachel said...

Baby Indians, pretty necklaces, saddles, and a cute l'il pony... love it all!
I really can't wait to see that new sweet baby boy in his Indian costume! :)

Tanya said...

Is there anything cuter than a baby in an Indian Halloween costume? Love it!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

LOVE the costume ideas!
LOVE the necklace!
LOVE the football cap!

My two oldest children were TERRIFIED of the car wash when they were younger. They would scream, cry, cover their eyes, cling to me, and plead for us to escape the three-minute wash. Thankfully they outgrew that.

Also, I've made two of those key lime pies in a week. I think I have a problem. :)

Stephanie said...

Your little ones are going to be BEYOND adorable on Halloween with those Indian costumes! Too cute! This Halloween will be my daughter's first, so I've already started thinking about it as well :-)

Nicole said...

That face in the carwash is priceless! Poor girl! Don't you wonder what is going through her mind? I love that little football hat too. What a cutie your baby will be in that hat. I'm stopping by from the Life Rearranged link up.