Monday, August 13, 2012

Phone Photo Fun

Hello friends!  OK, so I've gotten really lazy in the blogging world lately and especially in the picture taking department.  I guess when you're hot, pregnant and chasing a two-year-old, it's just easier to snap pictures with your phone, rather than your nice camera.

Here's a look at our weekend via Instagram pics.

Friday afternoon at the fair, my office gave away homemade ice cream before the Junior Livestock Sale.  We are one popular group of people at the fair!


Grandpa and Grandma brought the Little Lady to the fair.  Rockin' her romper and boots : )


We recently opened a satellite office in Strasburg.  Saturday morning, I got to get up bright and early and drive over 100 miles for our grand opening/open house during the Strasburg Hometown Days town festival.


We handed out popcorn out in front of our office during the parade.


Saturday afternoon, I made us a key lime pie.  If you've never tried the recipe on the back of this bottle of key lime juice, you is the absolute easiest recipe ever and so yummy!


Saturday evening, we were just hanging out when the Little Lady decided to help her baby doll learn how to ride.  She was so cute to watch!


Here's to a great week friends!


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Oooooh, now I'm craving key lime pie. At 7:26AM.
Please tell me where you bought that key lime juice. I don't recall ever seeing it before. I have company coming this week...and I think I see a pie in their future. :)

Amanda Haney said...

How precious! I love her little romper and boots! I've been missing ya lately, I need to get in the groove of reading my special "daily reads" list of blogs on my phone I have bookmarked, but I have been so busy. Hope your pregnancy is still going well. I always love your recipes. I jotted down the name of the Key Lime thing and am going to try and make the pie soon.

Ashlee Miller said...

LOVE the fair! The food pictures make me so hungry!

BlessedMama said...

Love the pictures! Little Lady is too cute! Hope you are feeling well!