Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Randomness from around the ranch

Hi all!  Just a few random pictures from around the ranch.

We FINALLY ordered Poncho a cinch small enough for him : )
He's also sporting new blankets and a new halter.

The saddle was mine when I was little and before that, it was my Grandpa's when he was little.  Pretty cool huh?!?

Isn't Poncho cute?!? : )

I don't think I ever told you about the new swing set that we got the Little Lady for her birthday {a lot of things when undocumented during March and April, my sickest months!}.

Anyways, she loves it.
And she loves her Daddy even more for the hours he spent assembling it!

Sunday, we rode along with John Wayne to check cows.

The Little Lady was most happy when we got to the pasture and she was able to get out of her car seat.

The girls messing around while Daddy put salt and mineral out.

I helped count cows.
This is my method, I can't keep track without a little help.

We had to break down and buy some protein tubs to put out to supplement the cows.
As you can see, it is VERY dry.

The tubs will help them, but it's bad around here.  The sale barn may be in our future, like many other ranchers around here.  Please pray for rain for our parched country.

And finally, I wanted to tell you about an awesome giveaway {$50 Erin Condren gift card!!!} that Savanah and Ashlee are doing.  You can enter to win it by visiting the link below.


Brenda Hammer said...

Poncho looks so cute in all his gear!

Tanya said...

Love y'all's little pony Poncho! It looks so dry there.

Rachel said...

Love Poncho, so cute!

We have two saddles that were D's dad, they are the ones the oldest boys ride, love things like that.

Yes, it's looks VERY dry. Prayers.

Anonymous said...

Poncho is so cute!
Wow, it is dry there. Will definately be praying for rain! Hopefully it will be a good winter too.....

Jennifer said...

Poncho is adorable! And his little rider is too. ;)

Goodness, it looks bad there! It does here too.. My dad doesn't think there are even any grass roots left in places. :( J had to start feeding again too.
Prayers for rain every day!

Lori Hollis said...

I love Poncho!!!