Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Swimming Lessons!

Gaga and I decided to put out the extra effort and enroll
the Little Lady in swimming lessons this summer.

I say "the extra effort" because well, when you live where we live,
most things require a little extra effort.

She's taking the lessons in Hugo, 40 miles from home.
So, Gaga loads up T and GW and drives them to Hugo
and I take a long lunch break and drive from
Limon over to Hugo, 15 miles, to meet them.
It's really not bad, atleast on my part {time out of the office, at the pool}.

And well, the Little Lady is loving it.
So totally worth it!

Day One
After being a little timid, for like a minute, she jumped right in.
She LOVES her teacher Miss Brittany! {Brittany is awesome with the kids!}

Day Two
She asked to wear her goggles today.
Upon arriving, "Come on girls, lets get in!"
Today Brittany said to me "Wow, she has no fear, does she?"  No, no she does not.

Highlight: the slide! 

I'm so glad that she's enjoying them so much!

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Jennifer said...

Yay for the Little Lady! :)