Thursday, August 15, 2013

Golding Family Road Trip 2013 {{Beaver Creek}}

We spent the next couple of days in Beaver Creek at the Park Hyatt.
Love, love, love this resort!

I had never been to Beaver Creek before and was worried that it wouldn't be very kid friendly.  
It was SO kid friendly!

We had a GREAT room! 
{I even wrote the number down so that I can request it on future trips, but since I'll probably lose that --- 3009.}  
Our room was slope side with a balcony overlooking the pool, Jacuzzis, playground, fire pit and courtyard.

One morning, it was cloudy and drizzly.
So while the family slept in, I went to the spa.
Check out this amazing nail room -- it opens up and lets in the fresh mountain air.

We ventured out into the rain.
Beaver Creek has a pretty decent little children's museum, a great rainy day activity.
And best of all, it's free!

That afternoon, it cleared up and we took advantage of some of the fun family activities.
It was the Little Lady's first time to play miniature golf.
She was a major cheater.

This, was probably the highlight of the trip for the Little Lady.
A great big trampoline that they bungee you into and bounce you really high.
Everyone watching kept saying, "wow, look at her" "she's so brave" as she was by far the littlest kid doing it.
She would have done it all afternoon long if we would have kept forking the cash over.

More playground time.
After the trampoline, this was probably her favorite.

We also spent lots of time in their pool and Jacuzzis.  {No pics, I was too busy splashing!}

I was able to get a really cute pic of GW and John Wayne : )

And well, I tried with these two.
This is about as good as it gets these days.

It the evenings, it was smores around the fire pit!

Monday morning my family headed home.
{John Wayne could write a whole other blog about their trip home, the highlight low-point being when T got car sick coming down the mountain and threw up all over the Suburban.}
I stayed three more days for a conference for work.

I did enjoy some time to myself.
Even though it was relaxing, it was more fun when my family was there!


Beaver Creek, a GREAT summer getaway spot!

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