Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Meet Peter

This is Peter.
Isn't he cute?!?

Tressie got him at the county fair.
Notice that I didn't say 'caught' him at the county fair.

During the rodeo, on the track around the arena, they have games for the kiddos, one being the bunny catch. They release like 10 little bunnies and like 100 little girls go after them for their chance to catch a bunny to take home with them.

Well, the Little Lady had a bunny hop right up to her, there were no other little girls around, all she needed to do was lean over and pick it up...instead she leaned over, petted it and went after the bunny that 10 other little girls were after. 

She had numerous times when all she had to do was pick one up.
And she didn't.
She tells us later "I couldn't get my arms around it."

So, right there in the middle of the track, she throws a hissy.
Arms crossed, boot stompin' hissy.
Screaming all the way back up into the stands, as a very embarrassed John Wayne carried her.
It was quite the scene. {Atleast in our eyes. I had several others tell me how cute she was and when I said, more like ridiculous, they reminded me that it's only ridiculous when it's your own kid.}

When she returned to her seat, in search of sympathy, she sobbed, "Gugger, I catch no bunny."
Anyways, the hissy worked {there is something wrong with that..."the hissy worked"} and some little girls who did not have a place to keep the bunny they caught, gave theirs to her.

T is quite smitten with Peter.
And he is pretty darn cute.
{We think he's a Peter and not a Petunia, but we don't really know for sure???}

We got Peter a leash, so John Wayne and I don't have to worry about running after a little bunny, but for now, he mostly likes to go for wagon rides with T.
Oh, and a ball.
Peter has a ball.
I tried to explain to T, that I didn't think bunnies played with balls, but she was convinced otherwise.

Hopefully Peter has a nice long life, as the Little Lady "wants to keep Peter forever."


Oh, but the chores...that's hard work.
Love her face here as she's hauling Peter's bag of food to him : )


Tanya said...

Love it, especially the last picture. My kids are begging for a rabbit after seeing some at a petting zoo.

Kelsey Pope said...

Too cute! It reminds me of a similar story with my sister's rabbit. She got Amos thinking he was a buck - took him to county fair and tried showing him as a buck, until the judge told her it was a she, not a he. Thus, Amos came home from the fair as Amie. :) Hope she enjoys Peter!

Mark said...

I love this story!

Ellen said...

Awww...he's so cute. This hissy was well worth it!

Lori Hollis said...

Just awesome!