Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Little Buckaroo {{10-months-old}}

This guy, turned 10-months-old {like a week ago...I'm behind in all aspects of my life lately.}

Let's see...
Someone finally decided that they like food!
He'll eat LOTS of different things now.
He likes cheese, yogurt, pasta, veggies, meat.
Pretty much went from eating nothing, to eating everything.

He weighs right around 20 pounds and wears mostly size 12 months.

He still only has two teeth.

I would say that I think he might walk anytime, but I totally thought that with the Little Lady about now and then she didn't walk until 13 months, so who knows.

When he "talks," it's a cute "gruff" little boy voice.

He's a climber.
He likes to play with electrical cords.
He had his first black eye this week.
He's a slapper, like slap you right across the face, slapper. Not cute.
He's all boy.

He's pretty sure that his cute little grin can get him out of anything, but we're having to resist it at times.

Can't believe I just ordered invitations to our Little Buckaroo's first birthday party!


Nicole said...

Seriously how cute is that photo. I would just frame and display right away. Looks like you got your hands full!

Kelsey Homolka said...

I love the idea of the car seat, they're almost always in it so you may as well use it to document their monthly shots! He's getting so big and I'm so glad you're uploading these pictures so we can watch him grow!

Tori said...

Gunner is getting so big! I love how he is dressed. That's exactly what I like to put Reno in.

Peter is pretty cute himself. I know I should relax, but I'm not that good with "pets". Good Luck!!