Friday, November 30, 2012


Here are some phone pics from our last week and a half.

We went to visit John Wayne's Grandma the week of Thanksgiving. Gigi enjoyed holding the Little Buckaroo and watching the Little Lady play.

The Little Lady had so much fun painting these turkeys for everyone.

I love their cute little turkey outfits : )

I ordered this bib for the Little Buckaroo and then I was looking back through pictures the other day and realized that we already have one somewhere...I have a pic of the Little Lady wearing one her first Thanksgiving.

The Little Lady loves to have her nails painted.
There's just something undeniably cute about little pink nails : )

Since there hasn't been one for awhile...a Poncho picture. He's ready for winter, he's got his winter belly and hair.

At 6.5 weeks, the Little Buckaroo decided it was time to roll over and sleep through the night. {No, he's not sleeping through the night consistently yet, in case you were incredibly envious for a moment.}

Just because this pic is too cute not to share.

The Little Buckaroo loves being in his swing.
Although his sister is pretty sure it's still hers.

This year's Christmas card display...thanks Pinterest!
I LOVE Christmas cards and can't wait to send ours and for cards to start filling our mailbox.

And finally, my Mom and I took the kiddos to see Santa yesterday.

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Emily @ Ema's Grand Ideas said...

Cute thankful for mommy shirt! Precious children! Stopping by for insta-Friday...have a great weekend!!

Nothingcanseperate said...

Love all the sweet outfits and the Santa pic! Stopping by from insta Friday :)

Melodee said...

all of your pictures are so cute! I love the little nails and toes...and the baby pictures are darling, he is getting so big! I LOVE your CHristmas cards! so adorable!

Marla said...

Those turkey outfits are precious! And those sweet little painted nails! Love it!

emilyc3313 said...

I bought the same thanksgiving shirt for my son! It's so darn cute. I love the picture of warm and fuzzy!

Jennifer said...

Cute, cute, cute!
Wish I had Instagram!

Penny Pfeiff said...

Loved all the pics...laughing because Izzy likes her nails painted too...ONLY BLUE! What a pair.