Monday, September 24, 2012

Phone Photo Fun - Baby Week!

In honor of finally feeling like I'm in the home stretch and because I've been such a lousy blogger's Baby Week on the Trailerhood Aristocrats!  Each day this week, I'll have a baby related post.

Tomorrow, we'll talk baby names.
And I'll even give you a chance to add your two sense.

Wednesday, we'll take a look at the things that I think are important to take to the hospital with me.

Thursday, I'll show you the "Big Sister Kit" that I made for the Little Lady.

And Friday, I'll show you how we turned the Little Lady's room into a room for her AND her little brother.

I hope you'll stop by the blog every day this week to enjoy the Baby Week fun! 


Rachel said...


JulieBug said...

How awesome! I will definitely check back. I'm here from the link up. :)

Anne Duncan said...

you ARE in the home stretch!!!