Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Kit Carson Day 2012

Saturday, Labor Day Weekend = Kit Carson Day

The Little Lady all ready to head to town for Kit Carson Day.


Aunt Katie came out and went with us.
Not only was it fun to spend the day with her, she chased the Little Lady all day so that I didn't have to!


You can enter things {quilts, photography, produce, etc.} to be judged {like at a fair}.
Here is some of my Grandpa's prize winning produce.
Only one blue ribbon is given in each category {so like the equivalent of grand champion}.
Good work Grandpa!

It wouldn't be Kit Carson Day without the parade.
Katie and I rode along with my Dad and threw candy to the kiddos.
The Little Lady opted to watch the parade with Grandma so she could pick up candy.


Then it was time for the kid's races.
The Little Lady had a blast!

Aunt Katie helped her in the sack race.


The Little Lady and her buddy ready for the three-legged-race.
I figured this would be a disaster, but they actually led for over half the race and I thought they just might win...until they fell down!


It was a fun day and a good way to end the summer.
And not to be forgotten, we got to watch the RAMS BEAT THE BUFFS when we got home!


Anne Duncan said...

what a trip! she in those sunglasses--fabulous!!

Melodee said...

how fun!!!! such cute pictures:)

Nicole said...

This looks like a fun day!