Monday, February 25, 2013

This and That

Hello friends!
Thought I'd take a quick minute and update you all on what's been going on in our world the past week or so.

We took the Little Lady for her 3-year-old birthday photos.
Contrary to the wonderful pictures below...she was a disaster.
Our wonderful photographer sure earned her pay that day.

This little guy...well, he's growing too fast in his Mama's opinion.
At his 4-month check-up he weighed in at 15.4 pounds and measured 25 inches.
He finally got to move into his crib {that's a story for another post}.  He's done great.
I like this picture because since he is swaddled he still looks like a little baby to me : )

We had a snow day last week!
We started the morning with red velvet pancakes {complete with cream cheese frosting}!
Spent time hanging out with cute kids.
And took the Little Lady sledding.
Snow days...they should happen occasionally.

And now for my random pics...
I walked in on the Little Lady singing into her microphone {radio antenna} at the top of her lungs.  So cute.
I've been in party prep mode getting ready for a big "Under the Sea" mermaid party this Saturday.
And that orange paint...that's part of that blog for another day.

That's all for now.
Have a great week!

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mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Snow days are great! I'm sorry your blizzard didn't pan out yesterday.

Can't wait to see your party always do such cute stuff!!!