Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Black Friday...My Happy Day

I seriously LOVE Black Friday.
This year was extra awesome.  
The Little Lady was all into "girls day."

We headed into the city late Thursday afternoon.  Gaga and I surprised the Little Lady and took her to see Frozen.  Such a cute movie.  Then we headed to the new Holiday Inn Express right in the middle of all the good shopping.  My aunt and cousins met us there and we had a slumber party, complete with swimming and not much sleep : )

We'll all tell you that our Black Friday shopping is more about our time together, not the deals.  Sure, we all love a good deal, but we "slept in" and didn't start shopping until 5AM.  We all refuse to shop on Thanksgiving, we hate how they've ruined Black Friday by opening on Thanksgiving.

We started with two of my favorite things...Target and Starbucks.
I LOVE this picture!!!

After Target, we met up with my Grandparents {where T informed my Grandpa that, "there are no boys allowed on girl's day" but later said it was ok if just he came} and my great aunt and several more cousins, at Kneaders for breakfast.  
At Kneaders, T was the first kid of the day to find their Elf, so not only did she get a sucker, but she also got to choose his new hiding place for the day.

After some more shopping, it was time to head back to the hotel for a nap for one tired little lady.
Then our boys came and picked us up and we headed to see Santa!!!


Tanya said...

What a fun tradition to have a girls' day on Black Friday! And your pies look delicious!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

When you say "the city" do you mean Co Springs? You need to meet up with me sometime. I'm just north of there!

I didn't shop on Thanksgiving or Black Friday, but we did trek up to Park Meadows in Denver on Saturday. Got there at 9AM and couldn't believe how empty the mall was. We stayed until 12:30 and it was finally starting to fill up. Weird, but good!

Penny Pfeiff said...

How fun!!! Love that Great Grandpa Paul got to be included :)