Tuesday, October 7, 2014

That time we went to FOCO...and did A LOT!

We went back to our old stomping grounds this past weekend.
We've been back numerous times, but this was the first time we took the kiddos.
We had a blast!
We started with dinner at CB Potts on Friday night.
I laughed and joked that GW is a natural born college kid.
There was lots of dancing and sitting on the table, so we left before it turned into anything else : )
The party of course continued at the hotel.
They even woke up crazy!
Then we headed to Hughes Stadium for the annual Ag Day festivities, a BBQ put on by the College of Ag and Colorado commodity groups.
Great food and a chance to catch up with a lot of friends.
Farm Credit had a booth this year too, so the fam got drug along to help set-up and man it, but it was lots of fun!

Then it was time for some football.
The weather was amazing.
And our little GW LOVED it!

T was excited to meet Cam the Ram.
After, she said, "he picked me up, he is SO strong."
Yeh, me and your Dad lugged you around half the weekend, but Cam, he is SO strong.


After the game, it was time for ice cream!

Then we headed back to campus for some volleyball action.
The ladies are really good this year - they're ranked top 20 for sure and maybe even top 15 now.

After, we had hopes of dinner at the Rio, but we got dinner at Chick-Fil-A because the little people were DONE.

In fact, we had to negotiate with the Little Lady.
She wanted to swim SO bad, but she was so too tired to swim.
So her Dad told her that if she went to bed, he'd get up early and swim with her.
They were in the pool at 7:30AM.

Then we took my little cuz, who's a freshmen at CSU, to breakfast at our favorite FOCO breakfast spot, the Silver Grill. They have cinnamon roll french toast folks!

Then, a quick campus tour.
The Little Lady told us, "I can't wait to be a CSU Ram!"
That's right little lady!

 And finally, we finished up with a corn maze and pumpkin patch.

Anderson Farms - Colorado Agri-Tourism at its best!

The kids were excited to pick their own pumpkin out of the field.

Whew!  Busy, but great weekend!

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