Friday, February 20, 2015

Happy Heart Day

We celebrated Valentine's Day up big.
Me and T will take any reason to celebrate!
Friday I needed to run to Lamar that morning for work.
So I loaded the littles up with me.
We had a big day planned: lunch at McDonalds, going to see the Paddington Bear movie and ice cream.
Well, two out of the three happened.
Important note: when Goggling movie times, make sure that you are in the right state.
Um yeh, Paddington Bear was playing in 6:45 that night.
It was however playing in Lamar, MISSOURI at 1PM.
So after dropping $70 bucks at Wal-Mart for two new movies, a bird and a dinosaur, this was no longer "the worst Valentine's Day date ever."
It was a beautiful afternoon when we got home, so the kids played with their bottle baby.
That night we had our special Valentine's dinner.
It was a very fancy occasion (thanks to Miss T's orders).
GW even wore his bow tie! (It came with his shirt we had bought for family pictures and he had never worn it, so we decided it was the perfect opportunity!)
Goofy kid!

On Saturday, Valentine's Day, we had several specially themed meals and snacks.
We spent our evening watching the Wildcats play hoops and eating pizza.
Made for a great Valentine's Day!

Monday, John Wayne and I both had the day off from work (President's Day).
We had a day in the city full of errands and appointments, including the dentist for all.
But, we started the morning with Dunkin Donuts, so that always makes for a good day, right?!

So here we are again, the weekend.
What do you have planned? 
More Wildcat hoops for us tonight and then we have a lazy weekend of doing nothing planned.
There's a big snow storm forecasted...we shall see!!!

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