Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My monsters

We lovingly refer to my puppies as my monsters. My monsters absolutely adore me and I absolutely love them back!

Lucy is my protector, always by my side watching over me. From the second I came home from the hospital Lucy's been taking care of me. When I had to go to the doctor the day after I came home, Grandma said that my Lucy sat by the window and whined.

Lacy wasn't so sure of me at fact my first few days she would run and hide when I cried. Obvisouly it didn't take her long to get over that! Lacy loves to lick me all over and I think it's pretty fun when she does! She's also a major bop thief...she's always snatching it away from me when Mom isn't looking.

I'm so glad I have them to love and take care of me!

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