Monday, May 7, 2012

The Weekend

Hello friends! I hope that you all had a good weekend.

Saturday, the Little Lady and I went to Pueblo with my Mom and Dad to my cousin Josh and his wife Chevy's college graduation party.
{John Wayne opted to go to our neighbor's branding. Hmmm, imagine that! : )}


That evening when we got home, we spent a little time outside.

The Little Lady is so funny with Poncho.

Yes, Poncho!  I just realized that I forgot to give you all that "more information" post, including his name.  Poncho it is.  That's the name he came with.  We debated changing it, but nothing else stuck and Poncho did.  I like it.

Anyways...some days the Little Lady is all about Poncho and some days she prefers a little more distance.  She's two, she's pretty much day-to-day with everything!

Today was a distance day : ) 

Then it was on to see Tressie's heifer and her calf.  She calved just a few days ago and Grandpa called to let us know that they were in the corral getting a drink if we wanted to get a look at them.

We gave the Little Lady her heifer for a first birthday present.  John Wayne named her Lasty, because he said "that's the last thing we're ever giving her."  {I like to say "yeh, right" to that : )} 
Anyways, I named her calf Uno, since that's the first money that the Little Lady will ever earn for herself.

John Wayne and I both had a nice savings account when we graduated high school, in part to our parents and grandparents giving us cows over the years and helping us to get a start.  Now, we're thrilled to be able to do the same thing for our kids.

And a parting shot of the Little Lady.
Her cap and boots are pretty much staples in her wardrobe, she doesn't want to leave the house without them.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and here's to a great week!


Rachel said...

Oh, sounds like fun!!!

Love the mini horse!
That's fun that y'all gave her a cow, our boys already have a pretty penny in their savings account due to other folks in the area giving them calves. And, they have heifers of their own, too. It's so much fun, and they just love to check on the heifers, and so far they haven't calved yet, but getting close.
Ranch life is the best!!

Jennifer said...

Oh my, I just love Poncho! I want one soooo bad!!! My hubby doesn't understand what in the world for.. ;)

Little girls and boots, too stinking cute! I'm looking for a pair for my little miss, for her first bd coming up!

I sent you an invite to my blog, wanted to make sure you received it!