Thursday, June 7, 2012

Life in Phone Pictures

Hello InstaFriday friends!  It has been quite some time since I've linked up...but having pictures on my cell phone to participate this week, can only mean one thing...I'm feeling better!

We branded calves on the ranch this Saturday.
I was in charge of the beans.
It takes A LOT of pinto beans to feed a crew of hungry cowboys!

You can find the recipe for Branding Beans here.
You can find branding pictures here .

After the work was done, the Little Lady had the right idea...swimming!

Sunday, it was really hot.  So the Little Lady took the liberty to strip down, which I can't say that I really blame her...and eat her popcorn standing at the kitchen table.

In preperation for the arrival of a little brother, we got the Little Lady her big girl bed.  We don't have a lot of room here in the Trailerhood, so rather than give up my office/craft room, the Little Lady and the new baby will be sharing a room.  It'll hopefully only be for a year or so until we build our new home, so hopefully it works out and won't be too bad?!?

First night in her big girl bed!

Tuesday, I hit the road and traveled to the State FFA Convention.  Since I haven't been feeling very good, I've been sticking pretty close to the office, so it was a welcomed change to get out and about again!

I hope that you all have had a good week and have a good weekend planned.  We have one more branding and then we're done for the year...yay!


Brandy said...

I LOVE pinto beans and cornbread. One of my favorite meals. Such cute photos. Isn't it sad when they move from the crib to a big girl bed. :(

Kelly said...

We just got Carter's big boy bed but he isn't quite ready for it yet. We're thinking about setting it up in the new baby's room just to get him used to it since the new baby needs his crib when the time comes!!

Mandy @ This Girl's Life said...

Your daughter is adorable in her big girl bed and I love her hat! :) Thanks for visiting my blog!

Kristin @ Petal and Thorn said...

wow, looks like she's quite comfy in her new bed! i'm dreading giving up the crib... it's nice to pop her in there when mommy needs a break, and know that she can't escape (at least not yet!)

Carolyn said...

Hello fellow Coloradoan! Visiting from Insta-Friday link. Love the big girl bed. She looks like she loves it too! Happy Friday!

Anonymous said...

So cute! We love beans in our house hold too! I always make them in the crock pot though. :)

I gave you a Blog Award, check out my blog :)

Have a great weekend

carissa at lowercase letters said...

i love CO! woot!!! such a pretty state. i remember the transitions from crib to bed... i had heard horror stories but it wasn't bad at all! hope things are going smoothly.