Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Our Little Buckaroo

Yesterday, we went for our follow up ultrasound

This time she was easily able to get all of the measurements and said that everything looks great!

 John Wayne thinks that the Little Buckaroo looks like a Hammer,
whereas we all know the Little Lady looks like a Golding.

I guess we'll see...?!?

If you look at this picture for a minute, you can see that he's sucking his thumb.  
We could see his mouth and his tongue moving.  It was pretty cute : )


So yesterday was the first appointment in two months that I've seen my doctor.

He's be gone...
climbing Mount Everest!
Pretty awesome, huh?!?


Krulls in Haiti said...

Ultrasounds are always so exciting! So glad everything is looking good!

Jennifer said...

So exciting! Makes me miss being pregnant... kinda.. ;)

Brenda Hammer said...

Grandma is sure he is the sweetest, cutest little Buckaroo if he looks like a Hammer or a Golding!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! So exciting :)

Rachel said...

Awesomeness, glad things are good!!

Barb said...

I love ultrasounds - they make it so much more real and exciting! And it's always such a relief when things are looking A-OK!

Have a great weekend, Emily.

Ashley said...

We have the same doctor. So excited for you guys! O