Friday, March 1, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday Little Lady...Booyah!

Tressie Laine is three-years-old today!
But if you ask her, she's five : )

This Little Lady is so fiery and full of life, sometimes her Daddy and I literally don't know what to do with her. 
But we wouldn't want it any other way.

She knows her name and is proud to tell you that it's "Tressie Gogo."
She loves her "Baby Gugger" with all her heart and can make him laugh like nobody's business.
Her imagination is astounding.
Her favorite toys are her "Teddy" {Rapunzel} dolls...all three of them, her mermaid, her Bitty Baby and her eight, yes I said eight, cell phones that she carries around in a Sephora shopping bag.
She never goes anywhere without a purse.
Her favorite color is purple.
She's a night owl and every night, bedtime is an event.
You will never see her without her Rapunzel costume dress or a tutu on.
She's a terrific eater, who loves her meat, fruits and veggies, popcorn, ice cream and also her daily bag of fruit snacks. Although "blue pop" is probably her favorite treat {a blue coconut slush from Sonic}.
She loves to be outside and play with her girls {Lucy and Lacy} and ride "Papa's Moe."
And even though she's feisty to the core, the words "I sorry" and "ah, that's so sweet" are often uttered from her little lips.

So Happy 3rd Birthday to our Little Lady...BOOYAH!
And that seemed like the only appropriate way to end this, since every.single.sentence she speaks, is ended with "booyah!"


Brenda Hammer said...

Happy Birthday, Tressie Laine! And, yes, Booyah! You are a wonderful little girl that loves life and you makes us smile and laugh, and some days want to stick our head in the sand and give up in trying to deal with you. But, your Mama is right, we wouldn't have it any other way! Papa and I are so blessed to have you and your little brother here every day while your Mama and Daddy go to work! Love Gaga

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

We say "Booyah" around our house too! Fun!

Michele said...

Happy Birthday to your little lady. She's a cutie! What a blessing!

Kelly said...

Happy Happy Day little lady!! I hope it's the BEST :)

Lauren said...

cute cute cute! happy birthday to your little girl!

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday Tressie!! My little boy just had his 4th Birthday!

Penny Pfeiff said...

Happy Birthday Tressie...I told Heather not sure if Izzy and Tressie should get together or not...not sure the world is ready for it ;) What a cutey!! Your cup runneth over!!!