Monday, March 4, 2013

Under the Sea...Tressie turns 3!!!

After Christmas, I began planning the Little Lady's third birthday party.
I had the theme narrowed down to either mermaid or Tangled.
One night as I was perusing Pinterest on my iPad, over my shoulder, the Little Lady saw an amazing mermaid cake.
From then on, all the Little Lady wanted for her birthday was "a mermaid cake."

The Little Lady's adorable shirt and skirt are from She Runs Like a Girl 
and her jewelry is from her Aunt Katie of Paisley White {check her out on Facebook}.

I am no cake decorator.
And when you live 100 miles from the big city and the bakery, you have a problem.
Thankfully I found Liz at Les Pop Sweets on Etsy.
Liz was amazing to work with and helped make the Little Lady's number one wish of a mermaid cake come true.
I have to say, I am so pleased with how the cake turned out...and that's not due to my awesome blue buttercream!

A big thank you to Gaga for baking away all day the day before the party...the cake and cupcakes were not only cute, but tasty too!

I decided on turquoise as the main color -- blue...under the sea.
And well, lime green and pink went nicely with the turquoise!

There were lots of balloons and tissue paper pom poms.
In one corner, I made ruffled crepe paper in different shades of blue and it was hung to resemble waves along with several cute mermaid cutouts that my Grandparents found at the dollar store!

I also made a couple of burlap banners.

Party favors for guests were funfetti cookies {made by Gaga} in cute chevron bags with tags that Nicole at She's Tutu Cute made to match the party invites, also made my Nicole.

We also had goodie bags for the kids, filled with mermaid shimmer crayons, Jake and the Neverland Pirates notepads (from the Target dollar bin) and Goldfish crackers.
Never take an almost 3-year-old into Party City with you unless you are prepared to buy things you otherwise would not have.
At first these made me cringe, but then I stopped, took a deep breath and's HER party, she can have whatever she wants!
We had such a fun day celebrating Tressie at her "Under the Sea" mermaid party!


Jennifer said...

How CUTE!!!!

Rachel said...

It turned out sooo cute! I bet she was happy, happy!

Nicole said...

Cute cute party! Love the birthday girl's outfit too!

Tanya said...

Happy Birthday Tressie! What a fun party with great decorations. I love all the details you put into it!

Amanda @ The Barstows: Our Little House on the {West Texas} Prairie said...

100 miles from anywhere and it looks like everything turned out awesome- Didn't think that would be possible but you nailed it!

Susannah said...

This looks like it was an amazing party! Your little girl is super lucky to get such a special party. :-)

Michele said...

How stinkin' cute is that!!! I love that she helped pick out stuff for her party (even though it may have cost a little more, ha!) All of the details, including your banners were adorable. You are very resourceful despite being in the middle of nowhwere. Looks like a mermaid perfect party!

Melodee said...

how cute! just like a pinterest party's perfect! and your sweet girl is just adorable:)