Monday, March 3, 2014

Frozen Party Details

So, I kinda put my "word" {simplify} aside for a few days to throw the Little Lady the Frozen party that she was dreaming of.  
But hey, I had fun planning it {and didn't lose too much sleep} and the Little Lady loved it.  
So, totally worth it!

Olaf welcomed guests at the front door.


The Little Lady wanted Gaga and Papa's house transformed into an ice castle.
{So yeh, I totally forgot to take a picture of all of the snowflakes hanging from the ceiling until we were almost done taking them down after the party.  Whoops.}


We had meat and cheese trays, along with other goodies, but this treat is my favorite: carrots and ranch dip.

I thought the "centerpiece" of the party turned out fun!

There were of course lots of sweets: cake, cupcakes, "ice cubes" {chocolate dipped marshmallows}, "snowflakes" {chocolate covered pretzels}, "ice wands" {chocolate dipped pretzel sticks} and "snowballs" {white crinkle cookies that Gaga made}.

The beverages were fun!

A long time ago, T asked for a pinata at her birthday party.
Fun for the kids.
Entertaining for the adults.

And finally, rock candy "ice sickles" as party favors.

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Meow Opre said...

I am planning for my birthday party of my office mate’s daughter. What do you expect? Yeah she wanted a Frozen Birthday Party so I found you blog and very thankful for these wonderful frozen birthday party ideas. If I have found this before my birthday last January, I myself would have wanted one for myself. Lol  Anyway, please allow me to include this in my Pinterest album please? Thanks and good day ahead!